Petit St Vincent

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My morning coffee and blogging lead me to Petit St Vincent

island patio, interior design

A Private Island for Private People.  Well I’m a designer, I’ll make my own version, and I won’t have to travel all day to get there.

Racher Interior Design, Patio

Ta-Da!  I’m calling it Petit St Patio, A City Patio for City People.  Come on over, but don’t forget your jacket!

Ombre Design Trend

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

Yesterday we were all about painted bedroom furniture.  Today we’re still in the bedroom, but we’ve got our eye on something new.  We found this image on Design Sponge, follow the link to see the before and after for this bedroom makeover. 

If you read the comments after the post, they go on and on about the Ombre drapes.  Yep Ombre is the topic of today.

Shower Curtain, Ombre

I was originally introduced to Ombre through Anthropologie.  Intrigued by this beautiful shower curtain, I had no idea what Ombre was or that would be so hot.

Of course the Do - It - Yourselfer in me is not so intrigued by shopping at Anthropologie.  Not that I don’t totally love their store.  I just find myself using them for inspiration, far more often, than shopping.  I have to admit they definitely saw this trend coming down the pipe. 

We have collected some great Ombre inspiration images, and will be posting them soon.  Can’t wait to teach you all about the Ombre!