Petit St Project

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Racher Interior Design

If you want to enjoy my wooden chairs you’ll have to sit inside.  I ain’t no private person and I’m happy to tell the world, I love other peoples junk!

wooden chairs

I got these chairs for free, and I bet a lot of you have these same chairs in your home right now.  Let me tell you how to transform them into your own little works of art.

When it comes to refinishing projects I always opt for minimal sanding.  I took the chairs apart, got out the power sander, sanding the rungs and legs to give them an antiqued look.  I lightly sanded the seats, and majorly sanded the curved wood back rest.  With a wet rag, I wiped the same turquoise paint I used on my patio, on the rungs and legs.  I applied a stain to the exposed wood.  Put 3 coats of glossy Varathane on everything.  Reassembled the chairs and attached felt feet.


Can you believe it’s really as simple as that, to add interest to your boring old chairs!

Petit St Art

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Private Island for private people, must have a high priced interior designer. 

Let’s see what else, they’ve done that we can recreate.

ocean, waterscape

I see the art on the walls, reflects the landscape, or shall I say waterscape.

living room, interior design

No problem, I can do that, I got a bit of cityscape going on here, lots of beautiful orange brick.  (Ok so now you know I don’t really put my wood chairs outside and I use a plastic table cloth)  What can I say, I live in Calgary and we don’t exactly got a Petit St Winter here.

patio, city, Racher Interior Design

I guess I need some sort of art that reflects a cityscape, with a splash of orange thrown in.  Lucky for me Tangerine Tango is hot this year.  I suppose I’ll have to paint the building across the back lane, next year when Pantone picks new in colour.

Racher Interior Design, living room

That was easy, I got the living room covered.  Let’s see what they got going on in the bedroom.

Interior Design, Bedroom

Ohh wow!  They got a tsunami... in the bedroom, that’s hot.

bedroom, Racher Interior Design

Ohh yeah, well look at me...  I got a girl loves to shop, buy outrageous purses, Sex and the City kinda thing going on.  Ooh La La Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow shoppers!