Geometric Do-It-Yourself

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

interior design, bedroom, geometric

I’m a big fan of stenciling.  I’ve done it on furniture and backsplashes.  Entire walls, in a pattern that needs to line up perfectly, I have not tried.  I spotted this bedroom makeover on Vintage Revivals.

geometric wall stencil, interior design

I thought the wall paper was funky… until I realized it was stenciled.  I can’t imagine doing a stencil project of this magnitude, check out Vintage Revivals for the how to.  If you’re up for it.

I’ve also never wallpapered a wall (we have a guy for that).  Furniture however is another story & technique (we'll save that for another day).  I suppose if you’re up for wallpapering you could consider it a Do-It-Yourself project.

green geometric wallpaper, interior design

gold geometric wallpaper, interior design

We found these wallpaper images on Well Manored.

geometric wallpaper, green lamp, interior design

You can buy geometric wallpaper from Jonathan Adler.  Notice he reinvented the pattern on that shelf from his store (the one we copied / reinvented from Value Village).

bamboo wallpaper

One person’s wallpaper is another person’s…

interior design, library, office

chair!  Just Kidding, those chairs are from Jonathan Adler too.  We found a great article on Jonathan Adler and design influence, along with this image on Dear Ada, written in 2005.  Exactly how long does a trend last anyway? (according to the article it’s more of a movement)

closet doors

How about, one person’s closet doors (image: Apartmentf15) are another person’s…

painted furniture, global village, interior design

painted dresser.  It always comes back to the painted furniture.  Check out Design Sponge for instructions on painting your own geometric inspired treasures.  This dresser definitely has that global village look going on.  Come to think of it so do Jonathon Adler’s bamboo chairs, and those closet doors.  Perhaps we’ll blog about the global village trend another day.

geometric furniture, interior design, living room

If you’re really handy it’s entirely possible, 3-dimensional geometric is your thing.  Can you believe they made this with PVC pipe?  Check out Vintage Revivals for the how to, they’re sure reviving a lot of vintage over there.  Gotta love it!

Geometric + Wainscoting = Way Cool

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have never, ever, seen PVC wainscoting before!  And they ship to Canada.

wainscoting, living room, interior design

Can you believe that wainscoting is PVC?  I know me neither.   We found it on Remodelaholic, they’ve posted detailed install instructions.  Just take your measurements, make your order, and they ship it cut to size and ready to install.  Who is they you ask.  Acurio Lattice Works, and they've got lots to pick from, you can even customize your own.

geometric PVD

geometric PVC

geometric PVC

It really gets your creative juices flowing doesn’t it?  Imagine that PVC pipe project Vintage Revivals did, I bet they wish they knew about this stuff before they cut up all those little pieces of pipe to create their geometric pattern.

window, interior design

Remodelaholic created these window screens too.

yellow, living room, interior design

Same PVC wainscoting different room, we love how it pops against the yellow.  This room has lots of great inspiration ideas to reinvent.

yellow, interior design

Look at the metal screen they put on the armoire doors, and the room door.

interior deisgn

They used it on the ceiling too, genius hey!  It’s from Martha Stewart (her magazine’s decorating editor Rebecca Robertson to be exact).