The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Friday, September 21, 2012

painted dresser, interior design

The weekend is coming and I need some painting project inspiration, so I’m surfing the net, again.  I found this beauty and was shocked to follow the link and see the before image.  It’s a perfect example of what not to do.

painted dresser, interior design

But it’s also a perfect example of what you can do. Check out the how to on Road Kill Rescue. Everything has potential.  Admire the shape of furniture and the condition, the rest can be reinvented with a little imagination and inspiration.

dresser, interior design

Look at the shape of this beauty, it’s easy to see the potential here.  Love the Scandinavian influence.  As much as I try not to sand / strip a piece of furniture, stripping stained wood is WAY easier than painted wood, usually.  This piece does not have intricate details, which adds to the stripping ease.  You can also tell by the condition of the finish, it’s not that thick.  Unless your hiring someone to refinish your piece, consider the effort required to transform it before you buy.  I love the blue dresser, but depending on how thick the red and blue paint job was and whether it was Varathaned or not, I might not have bought it?

painted dresser, interior design

I love the white painted top.  Check out Young House Love for the how to.  Lots of people actually have solid surface tops made for furniture, which is much more expensive than painting, but then again it can be worth the expense.  Try going to solid surface or granite suppliers if it’s your thing.  Ask them what they have for off cuts kicking around, you might be surprised at what you find in the castoff pile (usually suitable for smaller projects like side tables and night stands).  Or check out renovation sites, if I was able to collect and store all the things I have seen torn out of homes and taken to the dump, I would be a very happy girl (with a lot of projects to keep me busy). 
It can be hard to find a countertop supplier willing to cut and finish the edges of a used solid surface countertop, but it can be done.  You just might have to work a little of your magic to get the job done : )

Finding Inspiration

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We love looking for interior design and furniture refinishing inspiration. 

We find it everywhere.  Even in things we don’t like or love.  If there is a good idea we appreciate it.  I’m posting a couple of images that have given me inspiration, despite the fact they are not my particular taste.  I appreciate these ideas and will reinterpret them in future projects.

refinished furniture before, interior design

I love this idea of taking a small table, refinishing it, and putting a piece of glass on top to make it larger.  I think this idea could be reinterpreted in many ways with all kinds of tables, coffee tables and end tables.  I will definitely keep this idea in mind when I’m looking for furniture refinishing projects in the future.

refinished furniture, interior design

I also love this idea of using a headboard for something other than a bed, how cleaver to make a headboard into a backrest for a bench.  Perhaps for an entry this would be perfect.  If I was making a headboard into seating for with my table I would probably look for an upholstered headboard for comfort.  Either way it’s a great idea, and can be reinvented in many different styles.

refinished furniture, interior design

To check out this project in detail go to Freddy and Petunia.