Wonderful White or Painted Black?

Friday, October 19, 2012

When refinishing a piece of furniture it's important to consider the interior of the room and the style of the piece.  Certain styles of furniture lend themselves to particular paint colours.  We have attached a couple of pieces that are painted white, which we think would look great, painted black.

refinished furniture, interior design

This little side table looks good in creamy white, we bet it would look fantastic in black.  We like to use Benjamin Moore 2133-10 Onyx for painting black furniture.  Love the drawer hardware, reminds us of a knob you would have found on a bi-folding closet door years ago. It’s the legs on the side table that lend it to being painted black, this type of leg can be referred to as spool, spindle or turned.

refinished furniture, interior design

Love the shape of this table, it would look fantastic in a metallic colour with a rustic patina.  Either silver or brass would look stunning.  Or you could paint it black and have square mirrors cut for the middle and bottom shelf.  On the top a white crocheted doily would really pop against the black and add interest. 

Just because you paint a piece of furniture dark doesn’t mean it will darken the room, the way in which you accessorize it will either add to the piece or detract from it.  Painting furniture black and accessorizing it with white, in a white room will add interest and draw your eye, not only to the painted piece but to other black finishes in the room, for example a fireplace.

desk before, interior design, refinished furniture, Racher Interior Design

If you have an existing piece of furniture in good condition and you don’t like the look, it’s often worth refinishing.  If you don’t want to refinish it yourself there are lots of options to have it refinished for you.

refinished furniture, desk, Racher Interior Design

If you have a piece of furniture to refinish or are interested in incorporating refinished furniture into your home give us a call and we’ll give you a hand.  White side table images from Huckleberry Lane Furniture, black desk images from Racher Interior Design.