Wonderful White

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It was my intension to post green for St. Patrick’s day. 

But, my good friend Deborah from Touch of Elegance Interiors sent me a link to a blog I have not seen before.  All their furniture makeovers are white.  So today I’m posting white.  Just try to imagine a big healthy green plant sitting on each piece of furniture and you’ve got your green.  White is perfect for making colour pop.  I love the energy of bright colour so I use my white to make colours standout.  All these pieces would look great with vibrant coloured lamps, table runners, and accessories.  Oh and I love coloured glass, especially the retro shapely looking stuff you find in second-hand stores and say to your self  “oh just look at this isn’t it so…”.  It doesn’t matter what you fill in the blank with, it’s the history and recognizability of the era from which it dates that is the essence and value.  Colours and shapes often have distinct associations with the timeframe from which they were mass produced.  Think of appliances and plumbing fixtures, we have all seen the rose and yellow coloured toilets with matching sinks, or the avacado stoves and matching fridges.  I love mixing modern and vintage, different eras, and different colour palettes.  Remember the burgundy with forest green, or the mint with peach.  Well what about changing it up and mixing burgundy with peach (of course you would have to call it apricot and raspberry these days).  Recycling goes well beyond furniture and accessories, stlyes and colour palettes can be reused in new ways too.  Accessorizing is a great way to change your interior without much effort or expense.  Since we as humans are constantly evolving, I believe our environments should evolve with us, and accessorizing is the secret.  The pieces I have posted are great examples of furniture with characte,r and would be perfect backdrops for your accessorizing endevors.

refinished furniture, interior design

Love these they remind me of an old dressing table I inherited from my grandma.  You know the kind with the lower piece across the middle, mirror above, and little bench.  Back in the day the place women sat to brush their hair 100 strokes before bed.  Where they set their perfume bottle, and their fancy hairbrush, hand mirror and comb set.  We don’t live like that any more, when was the last time you had a beautiful looking hair brush?  This furniture reflects associations of a different era and is interesting because it has a history and familiarity.

refinished furniture, interior design

This is a great credenza, although I think the round handles on the center doors would look better painted black.

refinished furniture, interior design

I like the hinges being painted white.  Painting the ring knobs black would draw your eye to the beautiful detail in the doors, and give the credenza better balance.

refinished furniture, interior design

I love this piece, I would either fill it with bright objects or wallpaper the back of the hutch in a funky bright geometric pattern.  Whatever I did to the back of the hutch I would also do to the inset panel on the square door.  Knobs in a bright colour that matched the wall paper would add even more fun to this piece.

refinished furniture, green, St. Patrick's Day

Ta Da… tricked you Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  All the images are from Huckleberry Lane Furniture’s blog (except for the St. Patrick Day delight, which I delightfully augmented myself).