What is Ombre?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Desk, Painted Furniture, Orange

Ombre is a French word meaning shading, and generally refers to a gradation from light to dark.  It is being touted as 2011’s biggest trend, and it’s still going strong (image: posted by Banana).  Ombre can be seen everywhere from hair highlights to interior design.

ombre hair

I hear when it comes to hair, Ombre is over.  Hair is always the first thing to go, isn’t it guys (image: Beautylish).  Ombre is a refreshing and gentle way to create impact and interest with colour.  And we love colour!

Ombre, Cake, Orange

This Ombre trend has definitely taken the cake (image: Juneberry Lane).  I wonder how come, when cupcakes became all the rage, people weren’t down-sizing their homes like crazy?  Interesting how trends wash over us from every direction.


Interior Designers everywhere, are blogging about clothing?  Ombre inspired interiors gotta come from somewhere (image: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design).

Orange, Ombre, Paint Chips

We’ve collected some great Ombre interior design images, and yes our favourite, painted furniture!  We can’t wait to show you more (image: Canadian Living).