Petit St Vincent

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My morning coffee and blogging lead me to Petit St Vincent

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A Private Island for Private People.  Well I’m a designer, I’ll make my own version, and I won’t have to travel all day to get there.

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Ta-Da!  I’m calling it Petit St Patio, A City Patio for City People.  Come on over, but don’t forget your jacket!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning, Closet Organization, Clutter Cleaning, Racher Interior Design

I was a bit surprised the other day when a friend of mine asked me for tips on clutter cleaning.  I know I have posted blogs on it before, but I always feel like I’m just stating the obvious.  I’ve read books on clutter cleaning, and learned new ideas.  Mostly I stick to what I do out of habit, try to multi task, and be as efficient as possible.  I like to organize, rearrange, and I live in a small space.  I think my clutter cleaning skills are a function of how I like to live, and habit.

Spring is the perfect time to go through your winter wardrobe.  Yes your winter wardrobe not your summer, you can do that next.  Tackle the less appealing tasks first.  You remember which winter pants are getting too small, what sweater is a bit itchy, the wear and tear on your favourite over-worn blazer.  Now is time to purge those items, you won’t miss them because you’ll be too excited for spring clothes.  In the fall when it’s time to start wearing fall outfits you’ll create new outfits with what you have or buy new pieces.  Polish your winter boots and shoes, wash your winter coats and scarves.  This process of course makes it easy to purge those shoes that aren’t worth your time to polish. 

Once you have purged and cleaned your winter items, it’s time to organize the closets.  You should have started a box for garbage and one for donation.  Remove everything from your closet in waves, first the upper shelves, then the hangers, then the lower shelves, cleaning as you go. 

Evaluate your space do you need more folded storage, add more shelves.  Do you need more shoe racks?  Move your long items to the back and hang blouses over higher shoe racks.  A great tip: roll up poster board into a tube to make boots stand up straight.  Add hooks to the back of your closet for belts, purses and scarves.  Be creative, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have an organized closet.  Although, if you look at the fancy custom closets out there you might find new storage ideas, ideas you can reinterpret to suit your budget.

Start with your closets, drawers and cupboards.  Purge, clean and organize everything that is out of site first.  Try to create an empty shelf or space in every cupboard or closet.  This way when you start to clean the clutter on your tables, and around the room, you’ll have a convenient place to put it out of site.  It’s easy to suffer from the “out of site out of mind” syndrome, by stuffing everything into the closets, especially if company is coming.  Until you need to find something, when your closets and cupboards are messy, it makes being tidy a chore.  Start from the inside out and tackle your closets first.  It’s way easier to be organized when your closets are under control.  It’s not warm enough yet to wash the windows anyway.

The Effects of Colour

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Colour influences the energy, of your emotions and your environment. 

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Each colour has its own quality of light and vibrates at its own particular energy level.  You are constantly reacting to the vibration of colour.  Whether you recognize it or not, the super-conscious aspect of your being, perceives this universal language of colour and light.  Colours can be used to support and nurture you in expressing your purpose and potential.  As we all become more aware and purposeful, interacting consciously with colour becomes rejuvenating and supportive, and encourages us to bring forth awareness and clear intention into the world.

The colours of the rainbow relate to each of the seven chakras in your aura (electromagnetic field surrounding the body), and can be seen as colour.  The colours in your aura change as your thoughts and moods change.  Your body is continuously absorbing the light surrounding it, to nourish and sustain itself, thus the colour vibration of the light in your environment influences you.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Rainbow

The colours of the rainbow spectrum are associated with specific qualities, and chakras in your body:

RED (Root Chakra): is the colour of strength, vitality, passion, and sexuality.  Red stimulates and increases body temperature and blood flow.  Too much red can lead to exhaustion.

ORANGE (Sacral Chakra): is the colour of movement and dance.  It encourages creativity, vibrancy and humor.  Orange can help with repressed feelings and inhibitions.

YELLOW (Solar Plexus): is the colour of joy and optimism, stimulating intellect and logic.   It is related to control, will and ego, and helps with digestion.  Too much yellow can result in excessive mental stimulation.

GREEN (HEART CHAKRA): is the colour of balance, harmony, abundance, and growth.  It soothes emotions and heals the heart.  Too much green can result in indecision and inactive feelings.

BLUE (Throat Chakra): is the colour of calm and comfort, slowing metabolism and blood pressure.  It is restful and peaceful.   Too much blue can lead to isolation and depression.

INDIGO (Third Eye Chakra): is the colour of introspection, mediation, and contemplation.  It feeds insight, intuition and perception.  Too much indigo should be avoided by those who tend to live in a fantasy world.

VIOLET (Crown Chakra): is the colour of nurturing, protective, unconditional and spiritual love.  It is a soothing colour.  Too much violet can lead to fanaticism and arrogance.

Healing though colour is unique to each individual, and depends on what is currently happening in their energy field.  The best guide for selecting each spectrum of colour is your personal inner knowing.

When integrating colour into your environment: take a moment, breathe in and out a few times, tune in to your body and evaluate its reaction.  If you feel tension in any part of your body, perhaps you can find a colour that is more soothing and harmonious to your colour needs.  Trusting your intuition will be your best guide, when working with colour to create your personal sanctuary.

Consider regularly introducing and changing small doses of colour in your sanctuary, to support your needs as you grow and evolve.  Experiment with adding small accessories to your space such as table runners, pillows, candles, ornaments and flowers.  

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Altar, Green, Orange

Another effective technique for amplifying the effect of colour is through the use of light.  Reflect coloured light into your environment by placing coloured glass objects on your window sill.  Incorporate the use of coloured lamp shades, or bulbs.  Organza drapes, allow the sun to shine through your window and fill the room with a soft coloured light.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Bedroom, Drapes, Turquoise

For support in choosing your predominant colours, and the colour combinations unique to you, consider an Aura-Soma Colour Consultation with Deanna of Windhaven Consulting.  For assistance in selecting colour and introducing it into your home interior, consider an Interior Design Consultation with Stacy of Racher Interior Design.

References: Aura-Soma, Healing through Color, Plant and Crystal Energy, by: Irene Dalichow and Mike Booth, and Color Healing Home, by: Catherine Cumming.

Implementing Your Sanctuary Vision

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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I have struggled for days with writing this blog post.  There is so much to say and to read.  I have gotten up early, stayed up late, typed a page and a half of quotes.  Practiced what I read, implementing concepts as I read them.  Realizing that I have not practiced what I have preached in every aspect of my home.  Particularly those juicy paragraphs under the heading “The Home That is Overwhelmed by Self”.  Yes I admit, despite being a perfectionist, that no, I am not perfect.  Perhaps I have a habit of spending too much time arranging and perfecting things, in my home.  You know what they say about your greatest strength being your greatest weakness.  My difficulty in writing this post is that I believe we are our own expert, when it comes to creating our own sanctuary.  The more we delve into who we are, and how we want to grow, the greater our ability to see ourselves expressed in our environment becomes.

In House as a Mirror of Self: exploring the deeper meaning of home, Clare Cooper Marcus states “More and more I found in the stories I heard, that it is the moveable objects in the home, rather than the physical fabric itself, that are the symbols of self.  Even the prisoner, shut away by society because of a crime, is permitted to bring into prison certain effects that are personally meaningful (posters, pinups, family pictures).  Even when stripped of all symbols of self-hood, all possibilities of choice, we do concede that the personalization of place is an inalienable right.  Conversely, when society wishes to mold a group of individuals into a whole (military personnel) or the attention of the group is deliberately focused away from the personal needs (religious orders), the personalization of space is consistently precluded.”

Racher Inteior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Vision Board

We are not just influenced by the look or feeling of a particular environment, but also by our perception of it.  How one person sees, feels and perceives an environment can be entirely different form how another sees, feels and perceives, the same environment.  Setting your intension to create a specific environment will help to mould how you perceive it.  Similar to a vision board, where you begin by defining what you want to work on in your life, and attach images and text to those intensions.  The objects you add to your vision board represent feelings, goals, lifestyles, friends and family.  The majority of your images and text have specific meaning to you, although a few are there because you find them beautiful, they speak to you in an indescribable way.  Think of your home as a 3-dimensional vision board, when creating your sanctuary.

In Adam Dreamhealer’s article Unlocking Unlimited Human Potential, in the winter issue of Navigating A New World, he states “Your perception of your environment directly influences the functioning of your immune system.”  Dreamhealer goes on to say “intensions as focused thoughts are the key to unlocking your unlimited human potential.”  You are responsible for how you perceive your environment and how your body reacts to it.  Dreamhealer believes your intensions can improve every aspect of your life not just your health.  What are the intensions you want to set?  How do you want to implement those intensions throughout your environment as a visual reminder to support you?

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Water Fountian

In Feng Shui for the Soul, Denise Linn writes “The material items that surround you create a bridge between the realms of form and spirit.  Because of this, objects in your environment have a profound effect on you in three different ways.  First the symbolism of the things in your home shapes and reinforces your identity, in either a positive or a negative way.  Second, because these objects reveal aspects of your inner world, they can help you move towards integration and unity.  And third, the things in your home can be a vehicle for realizing your potential.”  Linn goes on to say “As you discover the significance underlying the organization of your home, you can reframe the metaphors in your home to shape your spirit.  Your home can become a catalyst for change in your life.”

There are many ways we assign meaning to the belongings in our environment.  Our attachment to an object can stem from the memory we associate with it, the person who gave it to us, or the person who made it.  We can be drawn to the societal value placed on the label, the cost, or the perceived quality.  When we buy things for our home while on vacation, we associate where we bought that item with our vacation experience.  We are multisensory beings attracted to colours, textures, smells, and by the sounds objects make.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, plants, meditation space

In House as a Mirror of Self, Clare Cooper Marcus says “The purpose of the assemblage of found objects in your sacred space is as a mnemonic device to remind you of your connection to the world beyond material possessions, however important and comforting the latter may be.  It is a reminder each day that you are more than this personal or social identity living in this particular house.  You are both more-and less.  You are connected to all living and nonliving matter and, in that sense, you are simultaneously as insignificant as a molecule and as all-encompassing as a galaxy.  And you are also the personal ego-self who chose and furnished this dwelling-place.”

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Plants, Meditation Space

Implementing Your Vision is a vast topic to which we have given a brief overview in this post.  The upcoming posts in our Creating a Sanctuary Blog Series focus in detail on: the effects of colour, healing through colour, and the introduction of nature into your home, with specific suggestions for creating your sanctuary.  If you are interested in a personal consultation with an interior designer to discuss creating your sanctuary contact Racher Interiors.  If you are interested in a personal consultation with a shaman to discuss creating your sanctuary contact Windhaven Consulting.

Space Clearing Practices

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When should you consider space clearing? 

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Space Clearing

Typically, you would choose to clear the energy in your home after a significant event in your life such as a birth, death, sickness, a move, or when you feel the energy needs to be refreshed.  There are countless ways to clear your space, all of which encompass the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The Space Clearing Process is done in 4 steps:
1. Preparation – mental and physical cleansing
2. Purification – the process of clearing the heavy energies in your space
3. Invocation – calling in of new energies
4. Preservation – “setting” the new energy you have called in with the intent to preserve it

Meditate on what you want to achieve, and set your intent.  You may choose to take a salt bath to clear your personal energy field.  Your intent is very powerful, and can create the atmosphere you want of peace, creativity, or love.

A Burning Pot, Smudging, and using a Singing Bowl are simple Purification methods that don’t require many tools.

Burning Pot
This method integrates the elements of Earth (Salt) and Fire.  The ingredients are inexpensive, and can be purchased at any drug store.  This extremely hot fire, burns very clean, and is suitable for consuming the heavy, stagnant energy in a room.

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Space Clearing

• 1 - 2 cups Epsom Salt
• 1 - 2 cups Rubbing Alcohol
• 1 Fire proof pot with handle (Have a potholder handy, and a trivet to place your hot pot on.)

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Space Clearing

Pour epsom salt into your pot, cover the salt with rubbing alcohol.  Place your pot on the floor in the center of the room you are clearing.  Start the alcohol on fire, watching the flames rise as they burn up the energies in the room.  Set your intent, allowing the fire to consume the heavy energies, and recycle them.  Open any doors and windows while the fire is burning, allowing the energy to move around the room and exit.  When the energies have been consumed, the fire will go out.  After the fire goes out, add cold water to loosen the salt and flush the salt down the toilet.  Flush the toilet a few times, setting your intent to send the heavy energies back to mother earth.  Repeat the process in each room of your home,
in which you want to clear.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Space Clearing, Smudging

This method uses the elements of Earth (herbs), Air and Fire to cleanse.  Smudging is the burning of herbs to cleanse your personal energy field, or to purify the energy in a space.  The common herbs used for smudging are sage, sweetgrass, and cedar.  These herbs can be collected in nature, or can be easily obtained at a spiritual book store, or natural grocery store.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Space Clearing

Hold a flame to your smudge stick until it begins to burn.  Blow out the flames and allow the herbs to continue to smoke.  With your free hand, hold a fire proof bowl under the smudge stick catching any debris or sparks.  If you are using loose herbs, burn them in a little pile, in a bowl or shell.  Use a feather to move the smoke from the herbs around the room, paying special attention to corners, under furniture, and areas where energy feels stagnant.  Open any doors and windows to allow the energy to travel through the room and exit.  Move in a counter clockwise direction around the circumference of your room to unwind the energy, setting your intent to clear any unwanted heavy energy.  Finish the room by passing back and forth through the centre, directing the energy out the door or window.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Singing Bowl, Space Clearing

Singing Bowl
You can use the same (smudging) method to clear a room focusing on the element of Air by creating sound, using a bell, drum, or singing bowl (pictured above) to break up heavy energies.

When you have completed the Purification phase of Space Clearing, stand in the centre of your room and ask spirit for assistance with setting your intent and bringing new energy into the space.  Use a diffuser, humidifier, or a room spritzer to integrate essential oils into your room.  Scented oils, such as lavender and rose oil invoke new, lighter energies.

To set your Purification, and Invocation of new energy, place a quartz crystal in the middle of your room.  Quartz acts as a generator and activator of energy.  You can also place small quartz crystals in plant pots in the four corners of your home to protect your home from heavy energies.  Crystals act as catalysts, and possess the ability to distill, transform and transmit your intention.

When the energy is cleared in your home, you will notice a difference.  Colors will seem brighter, sounds will seem clearer, and the air will be easier to breathe. You will feel lighter and freer.  If you need assistance with Space Clearing, contact Deanna at Wind Haven Consulting, or for interior design suggestions, contact Stacy at Racher Interior Design.

References: Sacred Space by Denise Linn

Clearing your Clutter

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Closet, Organizing, Clutter Cleaning

Clutter is a sneaky culprit when it comes to disorganization and discomfort. It can lurk in any closet, corner or drawer and takes on many different forms.  Everything from clothes, electronics, papers, and collectibles, to household necessities, can clutter your home and your life. 

If you go to Weight Watchers they will ask you “What do you think is the most effective exercise?”  And no matter who you are the answer will be “The most effective exercise is the one you will do.”   Treat Clutter Clearing with the same intent you would a new exercise program, as on ongoing undertaking that requires a commitment to yourself. 

Before you begin clearing your clutter, remind yourself what purpose it is serving and set your intent to put out the vision you have for your home and see this as a step along the way to creating it.  Getting rid of things you don’t need or aren’t using is a symbolic act of releasing what you don’t need in your life. The physical is connected to the deeper levels of our being, and the simple act of clearing out your clutter can be one of the most spiritual experiences you can have.

Start to identify items that have lost their beauty, their function or their value to you.  Begin with a box or many boxes to put your purges in.  Be open and creative, there are many possible destinations for your purge items.  Recycling, donating, selling and giving away are easy options for many items.  Those things you can’t quite let go of is where your creativity comes in handy, relocating, re-purposing and re-furbishing are always options.  Maybe grandma’s dresser goes to the attic to store holiday decorations, to the garage to hold tools, or to the living room to hold art supplies, instead of housing 300 pairs of unmatched socks in an already crowded bedroom.  Perhaps your collection of vintage tin containers gets dismantled and distributed throughout your home to be used for organized storage.  Leaving you with an open shelf and the opportunity for new organization of something else.  If you’re still having difficulty purging, start a maybe pile to be reconsidered down the road.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Organizing, necklaces

Group like items together it will be easier to assess what you have, purge and organize.  Of course this can be done many different ways, experiment with what works best for you.  Do you hang all short sleeve blouses together, or all brown tops together, or all work clothes together?  As you purge and reorganize you will find it necessary to create and implement new storage solutions.  When your purging keep this in mind and save any possible storage containers.  Maybe your old canisters can be used for storage of something other than food?  Be creative when it comes to storage containers and solutions.  If need be implement makeshift containers until you come across a better solutions.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Organizing, Clutter Cleaning

Find a storage space for every item you own, whether it is decorative or not, visible or concealed within a closet.  Think of convenience when selecting storage space.  Put the items you use most often in the most convenient spots and the less frequently used items further back in the closet.  This sounds like simple advice, but if you really think about it and look in your closets, drawers and cupboards, you might be surprised at what you find where.

De-cluttering is the perfect opportunity to clean as you go.  Remove empty drawers and move furniture cleaning under and around.   Wipe out drawers before you put the contents back in.  As you clean from drawer to drawer, and room to room keep the areas you have cleaned and purged, organized and free from clutter.  Enjoyment of those spaces will keep you motivated and moving forward.  You need to be conscious of staying on track.  If you start washing the windows and dry cleaning the drapes you will lose momentum.  Make notes of the tasks you would like to go back and tackle, once you have completed the clean sweep of your home, and dealt with the removal of all your collected clutter.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Medicine Cabinet, Organization, Clutter Cleaning

If you are finding it difficult, do it one small section at a time, or you could be overwhelmed. Start with one area of your room, the drawers in your desk, or a closet.  Dedicate a few hours to sorting through the clutter in one spot, take a break and move to the next area.

Once you complete the task of purging, cleaning and reorganizing an entire room or closet, light a candle or incense and take a moment to sit in the space and enjoy the rewards of your efforts.  As you discard, donate, recycle, and sell the fruits of your purging, observe the feelings associated with releasing, and the accomplishment you feel in relation to the sheer volume of clutter removed from your home.  Notice how much better you feel! Like a breath of fresh air, you have allowed space for new energy that is in alignment with the vision you are creating.  This too will keep you moving forward and encourage you to stay organized.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Jewlery, Organizing

Continually rearrange and reorganize your belongings, if something isn’t convenient keeping it organized will become a chore.  The areas of your home that are not working for you will be easy to recognize, as they will be the first place clutter begins to collect.  Reevaluate and reorganize how you store your belongings when they start to get disorganized.  The more organized you are the easier it is to rotate seasonal items.  Is your front hall closet jammed with summer and winter coats year round, while your guest room closet goes basically unused?

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Coat Closet, Organizing, Clutter Cleaning

There are many different strategies and approaches to tackle the de-cluttering task.  You may want to work with a buddy to keep one another accountable, you can even take turns working together to help each other purge.  There are many books on the subject if you need more guidance.  A few of my favorites are:

Lighten Up: Free Yourself from Clutter, Create the Space for Miracles by Freeing Yourself from Too Much Stuff, by Michelle Passoff.  This book focuses on the process of clutter clearing with regards to different kinds of clutter including an in depth section on paper clutter and filing.

Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living, by Tsh Oxenreider.  This book focuses on living simple, budgeting time, activities and money.  You will find checklists and worksheets as well as recipes to make your own cleaning products.

Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self, by Denise Linn.  This book is a spiritual journey divided into four sections (Air – Mental Debris, Water – Emotional Self, Fire – Spiritual Self, Earth – Physical Self) with daily assignments.

Chances are clutter clearing is not something you can accomplish in a day.  Break it up into bite size chunks and schedule times to de-clutter.  Whatever your approach is make it enjoyable, listen to music, have a glass of wine or a cup of tea while working away.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”-- Robert Brault

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Closeet, Organizing, Clutter Cleaning

If you are still feeling overwhelmed with clearing your clutter, it could be an indication of deeper emotional issues. Deanna Strandquist of Wind Haven Consulting would be happy to help you work through those emotional issues from an energetic view. If you are struggling with how to go about it, Stacy Racher of Racher Interior Design can consult with you to get you on the right track.

Assessing the Energy in Your Home

Saturday, November 19, 2011

In order to create a new vision, you must first assess what you have currently, really observe and begin to understand the impact your home environment has on you.  As you walk through your home, note how the rooms feel to you.  Take time to sit and contemplate each space and how it makes you feel.  What catches your attention first, what do you enjoy, what do you look past and try to ignore.  Think about how you feel, when you’re in the middle of your daily routine, using the room as it currently functions. 

It is quite common to have entire rooms in your home that you never use, such as a spare bedroom, formal dining or living room. If this is true in your home, ask yourself why. Observe any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings that crop up as you spend time in each room.  Begin to identify what you feel needs to change.  If you are having trouble focusing, and feel agitated or scattered, this could be the influence of the energy in your space.  If you are having difficulty sensing the energy of rooms and belongings start with artwork and photographs.  For example a photograph will often exude energy similar to that of the facial expression captured in the photo.  The event or location featured in artwork or a photo will carry with it similar energy.  The memory associated with a particular picture on the wall, where you bought it, or who gave it to you, will also hold specific energy.

Oftentimes you become so busy and familiar with a space you don’t consciously absorb its full impact.  You may gloss over things, do a quick tidy up and that’s it.  We challenge you to take a close look around at unfinished projects, areas of clutter, items that are broken or dishes you’re saving for company.  How do you feel about your home and the possessions that fill it, what memories are attached to your belongings?  Do they make you smile when you think of where they came from and the times you’ve enjoyed using them?  Nothing is irrelevant or exempt, your belongings either add to or detract from the energy in your home. Once you begin to evaluate your environment on an energetic level, you will appraise your belongings differently.  You will see beyond the monetary value or name brand status associated with your acquired possessions, more accurately reflecting on how they contribute to the energy in your home.

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, old frames, cross stitch

                                              (cross stitch & frame before painting)

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Cross Stitch, art

                                                   (cross stitch & frame up-cycled)

Do you have cherished belongings in the closet, which you’re keeping because of their sentimental value, but they just don’t quite fit anywhere?  We encourage you to bring them out and consider how you can revise or re-purpose them.  In doing so you provide yourself with a visual reminder of the sentiment, while generating a distinctive expression of your creativity and ingenuity.  These unique and cherished conversation pieces are what really bring your home to life and give you joy.

Racher Interior Design, Wind HAven Consulting, Old Picture Frame

                                                            (old frame before)

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Old Picture Frame, Cross Stitch

                         (old frame with old mat & cross stitch from Great Auntie Jean)

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Cross Stitch, Old Painted Frame

           (old frame painted with new mat & cross stitch from Great Auntie Jean complete)

Turn a cross stitch from your Great Auntie into a piece of artwork.  Buy an interesting frame at a second-hand store to give it character.  Cut a mat to suit the sizing, then paint the frame to suit the cross stitch and your décor. 

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Purse

                            (hang your favorite purse, from a dear friend, on the wall)

Do you have things that need to be washed, repaired, re-furbished or re-purposed?  We are not saying everything needs to be shiny and new, but it should be well maintained and looked after.  In fact we’re fond of things with patina, it shows they’re well worn and loved.  Natural materials have a tendency to age well with wear and develop a beautiful patina.  Anything from a past relationships, where you no longer cherish the relationship, should be gotten rid of.  Items that are broken or damaged beyond repair should be passed on or recycled. 

Along with joint purchases and gifts from past relationships, clutter is a common energy drain.  What kinds of clutter do you have?  Books, junk mail, work papers, receipts, clothes, cd’s, videos, computer paraphernalia.  Where does your clutter collect, closets, cupboards, desks, tables, counters, bookshelves, basements and garages?  It’s common to accumulate so much stuff you don’t even know what you have anymore.  You collect such a surplus of extra things that are useful, but that you don’t need or use, that you become overwhelmed.

It’s not feasible nor is it realistic to throw away or re-cycle everything that has negative associations, bad energy or is considered clutter.  It is however, important to be aware of these energy drains and to contemplate solutions for rectifying the situation and creating positive energy.  Before delving into clutter clearing evaluate the energy associated with your belongings and your clutter.  Are you over sentimental keeping every birthday card, Christmas card and thank you note you ever received?  Or do you have a healthy balance, cherishing all the important people in your life, while reflecting and supporting the essential aspects of who you are and how you want to feel in your home.

In our next blog we will discuss in detail the process of cleaning your clutter, and our following blog will focus on space clearing practices.  Wind Haven Consulting and Racher Interior Design aim to educate and inspire you, guiding you to understand, observe, and rectify any negative energy in your environment, while amplifying the positive influences in your home.  If you have any specific questions with regards to assessing the energy in your space, please post a question or photo, publicly or privately, on one of our facebook pages and we will happily respond.

Creating Your Sanctuary Vision

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, lake

Creating a vision for your sanctuary is much like creating a vision board.  Start by assessing your life and your environment to determine what is working for you and what you want to change.  The next step is to set clear intentions for the changes you want to manifest in your life, and create a picture of what they look like.  It is important to determine how you want your home environment to encourage change and comfort you through your transition. 

Creating your vision takes time, you may be surprised at how much thought is required to hone in on a clear picture of what you desire.  Beware of being influenced by media of what’s currently popular, or what others think would look good. Use your creativity and envision what is right for you. Thinking “outside the box” is about resisting the influence of others and listening to your gut feeling of what will work for you.   Your vision should not be exclusively furniture pieces or trendy interior design images.  You need to focus on capturing the feeling you want your space to exude. 

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, bath, bathtub, sanctuary

If you’re having difficulty nature photos are a great place to start.  You can capture the essence of a photo by recreating the colour palette, or you can even incorporate the photo as a piece of artwork in your home.  Designers often use a swatch of fabric to inspire the colour palette for a room.  Think of your vision as a jumping off point from which to begin infusing new elements into your home as you begin to transform your space to radiate your vision.

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If you’re having difficulty grasping the concept of your environment affecting your energy, or even being able to feel energy, start by observing your environment and the people in it.  Often other people’s energy is easier to feel when they’re exuding negative energy.  Rush hour is a good time to observe this strong energy.  Surrounding yourself in nature, going to the mountains is great place to observe how your environment effects how you feel.  It can be more difficult to pick up on the energy in places that you’re familiar with and spend a great deal of time in, such as your home or your place of work.  The next time you’re in your favorite restaurant observe the how the atmosphere and the lighting affect your experience and how you feel, compare different restaurants. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is common example of your environment affecting your mood.  Your interior environment affects your mood in the same way the amount of sunlight you receive or the weather affects how you feel.  Once you begin to understand and feel the energy in your environment, you can begin to make the changes required to alter the energy in your home, focusing on creating an environment that encourages you to feel the feelings you associate with the life you aspire to live.

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As we continue with our blog series we will discuss and make suggestions for how to implement changes in your environment.  It is our intention to broaden your perspective by encouraging you to see, and value, your environment through new eyes.  We hope to inspire you to think differently and to fully experience your environment.  If you’re interested in a private consultation to work on yourself, contact Wind Haven Consulting to book a session.  If you’re interested in a consultation to work on your home environment contact Racher Interior Design to book an appointment.  Our next blog will focus on teaching you how to assess the energy in your space, and educate you on the energy often associated with typical items in your home.

Chakra Cleansing to Kickstart Your Vision

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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Your body is surrounded by a luminous energy field (LEF), also known as your aura.  Your aura, or life force energy, reflects your current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.  Your chakras are swirling disks of energy contained within your LEF.  Your chakras absorb the energy in your environment and the people around you.  Each chakra is closely related to a specific hormone producing gland in the endocrine system.   All of this working in balance in your body achieves optimal health.

As an example of how your chakras work, if something in your environment scares you, it is filtered through your first chakra.   You get the “fight or flight” response and your body secretes adrenalin, the primitive response for survival.   If you live in a constant state of fear, your adrenal glands become overworked and can develop dis-ease in the physical body.

Your LEF influences your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body with the energy you attract and pickup in your environment.  Your chakras can easily become unbalanced, especially in the western world with the age of technology, where traditions for clearing and maintaining our energy fields have been forgotten.

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When your chakras are out of balance you start to have unbalanced thoughts and feelings that can affect all aspects of your life.  Everything that is happening in your life is experienced through your judgments, attitudes and beliefs.  When your chakras become blocked it skews your perceptions and affects your state of being.   You become trapped in your old stories, and paradigms, making it difficult to perceive things clearly. 

Chakra cleansing can shift your perception and kickstart your vision, enabling you to create something new in your life.  Rebalancing your energy system yanks you off your well worn path, and gives you the courage to change unhealthy patterns.   Clearing blocked chakras awakens your inspiration, motivating you to use your unique gifts to their fullest potential.

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If you’re interested in further information on chakras we recommend checking out the website    If you’re interested in having your chakras cleansed contact Wind Haven Consulting to set up an appointment with Deanna Strandquist.  If you have an optimistic outlook on life and are interested in creating a vision for your sanctuary, stay tuned our next blog topic will be Creating Your Vision.

Chakra Balancing to Access your Creative Energy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Many aspects of clutter cleansing in the spiritual realm and the physical realm are closely related.  In order to clearly assess your life and your environment you need the emotional mindset to see beyond the circumstances you’re striving to evolve beyond.

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” -- Einstein

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You will be more effective and productive in creating your vision, if you embark upon it with the lucidity of a healthy and objective outlook.  Cleansing and balancing your chakras will help you better cope with the discomfort change brings as you move away from what you know.  Rebalancing your energy system will impart clarity valuable in determining what is relevant and not relevant to the life you want to lead.  To get clear on what you want to make room for and bring into your life, you need to strip away the spiritual and physical baggage holding you back.

“In the deepest sense, your personal space is a sharply accurate mirror of your subconscious desires, hopes, fears and dreams.  It reveals your beliefs and decisions about yourself and the world.  It is a reflection of your identity.” -- Denise Linn, Feng Shui for the Soul

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Racher Interior Design and Wind Haven Consulting invite you to view your environment through new eyes.  It is our hope that you are beginning to consider and comprehend the influence your life and home have on each other.  Our upcoming blogs focus more in depth on Chakra Cleansing and Creating a Vision for your home.  If you’re interested in having a one on one energy healing session contact Deanna Strandquist from Wind Haven Consulting to book and appointment.  If you would like an in home consultation to discuss your interior design possibilities contact Stacy Racher from Racher Interior Design.