Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I’m back from Christmas, recovered from setting my website up on a new platform, and tanned from my latest vacation (a month in Florida).  I don’t know where to start, how far back do I go?  This is my first blog since December. What can I say, I’ve been busy working behind the scenes and holidaying. I’m still fixing a few layout quirks on my website,please ignore them for now.

My latest undertaking is working with a group of professionals to form a new company. Our target clients are those of you looking to buy a “fixer upper”. We are making the world a fabulous place to live and it is our goal to add beauty to your home. We are inspired to reuse, repurpose and refurbish. We believe in a world where everything new does not mean better. We believe in personalized verses customized.  We believe your home reflects and influences your personality. We believe in Home Sweet Home. We want to inspire the natural evolution of your artistic expression. 
We want the process to be fun. We want our jobs to be fun.  We want your home to be fabulous!

A great book we believe in: Restore.Recycle.Repurpose(create a beautiful home), authored by: Randy Florke & Nancy J. Becker

A great fixer upper and inspiring creative couple: Aubrey and Lindsay's Little House Blog

Be sure to check out their blog entry: DIY Ikea rast side table project, we loved it and posted their image above.