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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I’ve been thinking about lighting for a while now, keeping my eye out for table lamps and fixtures to refinish.  Just to keep the flame alive, when I’m not shopping, I spend my time looking for inspiration.  I’ve found a few delightful before and after lamp projects.

refinished lamp re-purposed

re-purposed lamp refinished

This lamp was refinished by Domestic Superhero.  You can read about her process in detail on her blog.  See how things turned out and what went wrong.  She learned a valuable lesson with her serious shade struggle and I hope I have now too!

re-purposed refinished lamp

Love the pineapple and the price… ohh so Tommy Bahama (the pineapple not the price).  Little Miss Penny Wenny re-purposed this beautiful masterpiece.

re-purposed refinished lamp

Kinda reminds me of milk glass.  She refinished the shade too, I love the fabric and the ribbon.  You’ll find the entire room makeover on Little Miss Penny Wenny’s blog.

re-purposed refinished lamp

re-purposed refinished lamp

Now here’s a girl after my own heart.  Ya gotta love silver leaf, the texture is so beautiful.  You can find a few more silver leaf projects on Sensational Girl’s blog.  My experience with silver leaf is sorted I’ve created a beautiful project or two, and every bit as grand a mess.  Perhaps I’ll wait until I’m invited over to a friend’s place, for Art Therapy, to start my next silver leaf project  : ) 

Cool Credenzas

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I love the word credenza, it seems so grown up. 

What exactly is a credenza?  It’s a piece of furniture used for serving, storage, and display of serving dishes and utensils.  A credenza may also be referred to as a sideboard or buffet.  Goodbye china cabinet, hello credenza.  A credenza can be used for liquor serving, storage, and display too.  Goodbye built-in bar, definitely loving the credenza.

refinished furniture, interior design

This fabulous credenza is from Chrissie’s Collections, an amazing transformation.

refinished furniture, interior design

This is Chrissie’s credenza before.

refinished furniture, interior design

Another cool credenza, check out No Biggie for the before photo.

refinished furniture, interior design

Love the idea of incorporating decorative wine storage into a credenza.  Perhaps a wine rack that reflected the diamond pattern on the door would have been stunning.  To see the credenza before check out Curbly.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Friday, September 21, 2012

painted dresser, interior design

The weekend is coming and I need some painting project inspiration, so I’m surfing the net, again.  I found this beauty and was shocked to follow the link and see the before image.  It’s a perfect example of what not to do.

painted dresser, interior design

But it’s also a perfect example of what you can do. Check out the how to on Road Kill Rescue. Everything has potential.  Admire the shape of furniture and the condition, the rest can be reinvented with a little imagination and inspiration.

dresser, interior design

Look at the shape of this beauty, it’s easy to see the potential here.  Love the Scandinavian influence.  As much as I try not to sand / strip a piece of furniture, stripping stained wood is WAY easier than painted wood, usually.  This piece does not have intricate details, which adds to the stripping ease.  You can also tell by the condition of the finish, it’s not that thick.  Unless your hiring someone to refinish your piece, consider the effort required to transform it before you buy.  I love the blue dresser, but depending on how thick the red and blue paint job was and whether it was Varathaned or not, I might not have bought it?

painted dresser, interior design

I love the white painted top.  Check out Young House Love for the how to.  Lots of people actually have solid surface tops made for furniture, which is much more expensive than painting, but then again it can be worth the expense.  Try going to solid surface or granite suppliers if it’s your thing.  Ask them what they have for off cuts kicking around, you might be surprised at what you find in the castoff pile (usually suitable for smaller projects like side tables and night stands).  Or check out renovation sites, if I was able to collect and store all the things I have seen torn out of homes and taken to the dump, I would be a very happy girl (with a lot of projects to keep me busy). 
It can be hard to find a countertop supplier willing to cut and finish the edges of a used solid surface countertop, but it can be done.  You just might have to work a little of your magic to get the job done : )

Alex: the 9 Drawer Unit

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Racher Interior Design, painted furniture

Ta Da my weekend project Alex.  I bought 2 quarts of paint, Benjamin Moore 2048-50 Tropicana Cabana and 2146-10 Dark Celery, 9 label holders from Lee Valley, and new sanding disks for my power sander.

Racher Interior Design, painted furniture before

I didn't realize how bad my filing cabinet looked before, now that my drawers are beautified I think my filing cabinet needs replacing.

refinished furniture, Racher Interior Design

The weather was beautiful, but I choose to refinish my Alex in the living room.  I started with drilling the holes for the new hardware, measure twice drill once (break your 2 smallest drill bits).

Racher Interior Design, refinished furniture

I drilled the holes first so I could clean up the evidence without marring my new paint job.  I sanded the smooth shiny finish on the drawer fronts.  Then I used painters tape to trim the drawers.  As you can see I didn’t take the drawers out of the unit.  It’s from Ikea and requires disassembly to remove the drawers.  As convenient as it is to put Ikeas furniture together, it is not meant to be taken apart, so I didn’t.

Racher Interior Design, painted furniture

I mixed the green paint and the blue paint I bought, with white paint left over from another project, to create an ombre effect.  Putting my mixtures in little containers I pulled out of the recycling.  I sealed them in ziplock bags between coats of paint.

painted furniture, Racher Interior Design

To finish the project I lightly sanded the drawers to give them a weathered look and attached the label holders.

Racher Interior Design, painted furniture


Dresser, Dresser against the wall... Who is painted prettiest of them all?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whether you’re buying a new dresser, or refinishing one you have, here are a couple of ideas to help you make it a fabulous work of art.

dresser, Ikea Rast Side Table

Aubrey and Lindsay’s blog is a wealth of delightful Do It Yourself projects.  Check out their BLOG and learn how to turn this Ikea side table, into a work of art.

Ikea Rast Side Table, dresser, bedroom

If you’re not going to buy a new piece of furniture to refinish, no problem… you can refinish a piece you have at home, to look like you did.

dresser, night table

Check out Vintage Revivals BLOG, and learn how to recreate a painted side table, into a new and fresh work of art.

 night table, bedroom

When you find something you love whether it’s an image of a room or a piece of furniture, you can always recreate the look.  As seen in these two projects, the creation of a wood finished dresser with white drawers and ring hardware is a classic look, which continues to look good through various reincarnations.


Petit St Project

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Racher Interior Design

If you want to enjoy my wooden chairs you’ll have to sit inside.  I ain’t no private person and I’m happy to tell the world, I love other peoples junk!

wooden chairs

I got these chairs for free, and I bet a lot of you have these same chairs in your home right now.  Let me tell you how to transform them into your own little works of art.

When it comes to refinishing projects I always opt for minimal sanding.  I took the chairs apart, got out the power sander, sanding the rungs and legs to give them an antiqued look.  I lightly sanded the seats, and majorly sanded the curved wood back rest.  With a wet rag, I wiped the same turquoise paint I used on my patio, on the rungs and legs.  I applied a stain to the exposed wood.  Put 3 coats of glossy Varathane on everything.  Reassembled the chairs and attached felt feet.


Can you believe it’s really as simple as that, to add interest to your boring old chairs!

Basement Bathroom Before & After

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The first time I walked into this bathroom the home owner exclaimed "this room needs to be blown up, it's the worst room in the house".  We made a few upgrades, added a few architectural details and created a stunning bathroom that exceeded the client's expectations.

We did, however, have to blow up the shower.  We Replaced it with a custom frameless glass enclosure to open up the room.  The plumbing in the shower was moved to the opposite wall.  The T-bar ceiling was replaced with pine and stained to coordinate with the colour palette throughout the rest of the home.  The floor was replaced with cork tiles in a colour that picked up the brown tones in the ceiling and mirror and the green tones of the painted vanity.  Pipes were moved back into the wall and ledge to clean up the space.

The light fixture was lowered below the vent and the vent was extended to the wall to add continuity.  Our client loved the old mirror that no longer fit between the ledge and the light fixture, it had to be relocated to another room.  We kept the original countertop and painted the vanity Benjamin Moore CC-634 Herbes de Provence.  Wainscoting was added below the ledge and carried around the room.  The ledge was capped with a wood shelf and decorative trim to add interest and clean up the not so perfect drywall ledge.  The casings around the windows and door were increased in size along with the baseboards.  The wainscoting and trim was painted Benjamin Moore CC-270 Baffin Island and the walls above the wainscoting painted Benjamin Moore CC-250 Seaspray Papyrus. The sink and shower faucets were replaced.  We added a few black finishes coordinating with the black finishes throughout the rest of the home for consistency.  Hooks were added for a casual and functional look, and are repeated in the upstairs bathroom and kids room.

We used the client's vintage and antique items to accessorize the space, and we bought the mirror and artwork at HomeSense.  I'm sure you will agree it was an amazing transformation.

Before & After Home Office

Sunday, September 26, 2010

On the lower floor of the residence was a room that was not being used.  The carpet was stained from shoes going in and out of the door to backyard and the garage.  The room didn’t get much sun and felt cold painted in a light blue.  We changed the feel of the room and added function by replacing the carpet with a grey tile from Home Depot.  The tile was inexpensive although created a bit of a headache for the tiler when the dye lots didn’t match.  Lucky for us our tiler noticed the discrepancy and took time to remedy the situation, with a few trips to the store to get different dye lots.  The wall colour Benjamin Moore HC 116 Guilford Green added warmth and a fun zip of colour to the space.    Accent lighting also helps to add warmth to the room. The client’s artwork looked great with the wall colour and the red desk popped nicely adding a dynamic contrast to the room.  The bookshelf was accessorized with baskets and boxes to keep it organized and free of clutter.

Furniture, lighting accessories and baskets are from Ikea and HomeSense.

Before & After Living Room

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The main paint colour throughout the residence is Benjamin Moore HC-105 Rockport Grey.  It’s a bit difficult to decipher the colour with the lighting in the photos, Rockport Grey is a light, warm, muddy grey.  The client’s sofa and artwork inspired the colour palette for the room.  We did a collection of gold toned pillows for summer and a darker collection of pewter toned pillows for the winter.

We incorporated many metallic colours and tones.  The side tables, fabrics, lamps, art and accessories meld gold, brass, pewter and chrome in an effort to tone down the brass trim on the fireplace while adding a sophisticated elegance.  The heavy black side tables were replaced with smaller coordinating chrome tables.  Sleek, elegant floor lamps replace the table lamps and go well in scale with the smaller tables and art, giving the room a light and airy feel and an unconventional sense of style. 

Smaller caramel coloured accent chairs add a sense of symmetry and refinement to the bay window. 

Stools in front of the fireplace are a decorative element and double as extra seating for friends.  Larger scale accessories bring drama to the fireplace. Books were moved to another room, CD’s and stereo were put in the closet.  Sliding closet doors were removed and the interior of the closet painted Benjamin Moore CC 544 Overcoat.  The future plan for the closet is to install cabinetry and electrical, creating both closed storage and decorative display.   Furniture, lamps, pillows and accessories are from HomeSense.

Before & After Kitchen

Friday, September 24, 2010

The walls were painted Benjamin Moore HC-105 Rockport Grey.  The laminate countertops were replaced with a maple butcher block top and an under mount sink was installed.  The back splash was tiled with Gemma Petites in Lights Out from Tierra Sol and the grout was selected to match the wall colour.  We accessorized the space above the kitchen cabinets with the client’s own items.

On the opposite wall the clients opted for a futon in place of a kitchen table, preferring to use their dining table daily and their kitchen for socializing while making meals.  We painted the wall behind the futon Benjamin Moore CC 544 Overcoat.  The scratching post was sent to the basement and a side table, pillows and new floor mat were added for comfort and a punch of colour.  All accessories are from HomeSense.