Wonderful White or Painted Black?

Friday, October 19, 2012

When refinishing a piece of furniture it's important to consider the interior of the room and the style of the piece.  Certain styles of furniture lend themselves to particular paint colours.  We have attached a couple of pieces that are painted white, which we think would look great, painted black.

refinished furniture, interior design

This little side table looks good in creamy white, we bet it would look fantastic in black.  We like to use Benjamin Moore 2133-10 Onyx for painting black furniture.  Love the drawer hardware, reminds us of a knob you would have found on a bi-folding closet door years ago. It’s the legs on the side table that lend it to being painted black, this type of leg can be referred to as spool, spindle or turned.

refinished furniture, interior design

Love the shape of this table, it would look fantastic in a metallic colour with a rustic patina.  Either silver or brass would look stunning.  Or you could paint it black and have square mirrors cut for the middle and bottom shelf.  On the top a white crocheted doily would really pop against the black and add interest. 

Just because you paint a piece of furniture dark doesn’t mean it will darken the room, the way in which you accessorize it will either add to the piece or detract from it.  Painting furniture black and accessorizing it with white, in a white room will add interest and draw your eye, not only to the painted piece but to other black finishes in the room, for example a fireplace.

desk before, interior design, refinished furniture, Racher Interior Design

If you have an existing piece of furniture in good condition and you don’t like the look, it’s often worth refinishing.  If you don’t want to refinish it yourself there are lots of options to have it refinished for you.

refinished furniture, desk, Racher Interior Design

If you have a piece of furniture to refinish or are interested in incorporating refinished furniture into your home give us a call and we’ll give you a hand.  White side table images from Huckleberry Lane Furniture, black desk images from Racher Interior Design.

Finding Inspiration

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We love looking for interior design and furniture refinishing inspiration. 

We find it everywhere.  Even in things we don’t like or love.  If there is a good idea we appreciate it.  I’m posting a couple of images that have given me inspiration, despite the fact they are not my particular taste.  I appreciate these ideas and will reinterpret them in future projects.

refinished furniture before, interior design

I love this idea of taking a small table, refinishing it, and putting a piece of glass on top to make it larger.  I think this idea could be reinterpreted in many ways with all kinds of tables, coffee tables and end tables.  I will definitely keep this idea in mind when I’m looking for furniture refinishing projects in the future.

refinished furniture, interior design

I also love this idea of using a headboard for something other than a bed, how cleaver to make a headboard into a backrest for a bench.  Perhaps for an entry this would be perfect.  If I was making a headboard into seating for with my table I would probably look for an upholstered headboard for comfort.  Either way it’s a great idea, and can be reinvented in many different styles.

refinished furniture, interior design

To check out this project in detail go to Freddy and Petunia.


Trend Spotting

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What do all my favourite designers have in common? 

Ok yeah, they follow the trends (probably some of them start new trends).  What impresses me most is their ability to take popular trends and reienvent them, creating their own style and expressing their creative genius.

One of the hottest trends right now is geometric patterens.  You will find them in fabrics, rugs, wallpaper, and the following images I have collected from my favourite interior designers.

Adler, interior design

This image is from a Jonathan Alder store.  On the right a geometric screen, on the floor a geometric pattern, and on the left… wait a second I’ve seen a shelf like that before.

Shelf Before, Racher Interior Design

Oh yes now I remember where at Value Village.  I bet Jonathon’s shelves don’t sell for $7.99, but then again you don’t have to paint the ones you buy from him.

Painted Shelf, Racher Interior Design

What can I say, when in doubt Benjamin Moore Cloud White CC-40 is the answer.  The blue Jonathon Adler store image above is from two years ago.  Funny that’s about how long it took me to get around to painting my shelves.

Adler, Interior Design

This is a newer image from a Jonathon Adler store in San Francisco.  He’s toned down the splashes of colour, and grounded his look with the introduction of brown.  Jonathon is obiously on to that orange, the one Pantone is calling Tangerine Tango.  I like the geometric patterned pillows, but I love those light fixtures.

Kimberly Seldon, Interior Design

Kimberly Seldon refers to this interior as 30’s glamour.  I guess what comes around goes around.  We designers love that because we are always reinventing.  Come to think of it, I think Madonna would probably have made a killer interior designer (don't ya think).

Sarah Richardson, Interior Design, Painted Vanity

And for the love of painted furniture there’s always Sarah Richardson.

Fawn Galli, Interior Design

I don’t quite know what to say about Fawn Galli, she is my very favourite.  You must checkout her photo gallery, every project has something new and stunning to admire, and yes to reinvent!


Geometric Do-It-Yourself

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

interior design, bedroom, geometric

I’m a big fan of stenciling.  I’ve done it on furniture and backsplashes.  Entire walls, in a pattern that needs to line up perfectly, I have not tried.  I spotted this bedroom makeover on Vintage Revivals.

geometric wall stencil, interior design

I thought the wall paper was funky… until I realized it was stenciled.  I can’t imagine doing a stencil project of this magnitude, check out Vintage Revivals for the how to.  If you’re up for it.

I’ve also never wallpapered a wall (we have a guy for that).  Furniture however is another story & technique (we'll save that for another day).  I suppose if you’re up for wallpapering you could consider it a Do-It-Yourself project.

green geometric wallpaper, interior design

gold geometric wallpaper, interior design

We found these wallpaper images on Well Manored.

geometric wallpaper, green lamp, interior design

You can buy geometric wallpaper from Jonathan Adler.  Notice he reinvented the pattern on that shelf from his store (the one we copied / reinvented from Value Village).

bamboo wallpaper

One person’s wallpaper is another person’s…

interior design, library, office

chair!  Just Kidding, those chairs are from Jonathan Adler too.  We found a great article on Jonathan Adler and design influence, along with this image on Dear Ada, written in 2005.  Exactly how long does a trend last anyway? (according to the article it’s more of a movement)

closet doors

How about, one person’s closet doors (image: Apartmentf15) are another person’s…

painted furniture, global village, interior design

painted dresser.  It always comes back to the painted furniture.  Check out Design Sponge for instructions on painting your own geometric inspired treasures.  This dresser definitely has that global village look going on.  Come to think of it so do Jonathon Adler’s bamboo chairs, and those closet doors.  Perhaps we’ll blog about the global village trend another day.

geometric furniture, interior design, living room

If you’re really handy it’s entirely possible, 3-dimensional geometric is your thing.  Can you believe they made this with PVC pipe?  Check out Vintage Revivals for the how to, they’re sure reviving a lot of vintage over there.  Gotta love it!

Geometric + Wainscoting = Way Cool

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have never, ever, seen PVC wainscoting before!  And they ship to Canada.

wainscoting, living room, interior design

Can you believe that wainscoting is PVC?  I know me neither.   We found it on Remodelaholic, they’ve posted detailed install instructions.  Just take your measurements, make your order, and they ship it cut to size and ready to install.  Who is they you ask.  Acurio Lattice Works, and they've got lots to pick from, you can even customize your own.

geometric PVD

geometric PVC

geometric PVC

It really gets your creative juices flowing doesn’t it?  Imagine that PVC pipe project Vintage Revivals did, I bet they wish they knew about this stuff before they cut up all those little pieces of pipe to create their geometric pattern.

window, interior design

Remodelaholic created these window screens too.

yellow, living room, interior design

Same PVC wainscoting different room, we love how it pops against the yellow.  This room has lots of great inspiration ideas to reinvent.

yellow, interior design

Look at the metal screen they put on the armoire doors, and the room door.

interior deisgn

They used it on the ceiling too, genius hey!  It’s from Martha Stewart (her magazine’s decorating editor Rebecca Robertson to be exact).


Petit St Art

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Private Island for private people, must have a high priced interior designer. 

Let’s see what else, they’ve done that we can recreate.

ocean, waterscape

I see the art on the walls, reflects the landscape, or shall I say waterscape.

living room, interior design

No problem, I can do that, I got a bit of cityscape going on here, lots of beautiful orange brick.  (Ok so now you know I don’t really put my wood chairs outside and I use a plastic table cloth)  What can I say, I live in Calgary and we don’t exactly got a Petit St Winter here.

patio, city, Racher Interior Design

I guess I need some sort of art that reflects a cityscape, with a splash of orange thrown in.  Lucky for me Tangerine Tango is hot this year.  I suppose I’ll have to paint the building across the back lane, next year when Pantone picks new in colour.

Racher Interior Design, living room

That was easy, I got the living room covered.  Let’s see what they got going on in the bedroom.

Interior Design, Bedroom

Ohh wow!  They got a tsunami... in the bedroom, that’s hot.

bedroom, Racher Interior Design

Ohh yeah, well look at me...  I got a girl loves to shop, buy outrageous purses, Sex and the City kinda thing going on.  Ooh La La Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow shoppers!


Ombre Design Trend

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

Yesterday we were all about painted bedroom furniture.  Today we’re still in the bedroom, but we’ve got our eye on something new.  We found this image on Design Sponge, follow the link to see the before and after for this bedroom makeover. 

If you read the comments after the post, they go on and on about the Ombre drapes.  Yep Ombre is the topic of today.

Shower Curtain, Ombre

I was originally introduced to Ombre through Anthropologie.  Intrigued by this beautiful shower curtain, I had no idea what Ombre was or that would be so hot.

Of course the Do - It - Yourselfer in me is not so intrigued by shopping at Anthropologie.  Not that I don’t totally love their store.  I just find myself using them for inspiration, far more often, than shopping.  I have to admit they definitely saw this trend coming down the pipe. 

We have collected some great Ombre inspiration images, and will be posting them soon.  Can’t wait to teach you all about the Ombre!


What is Ombre?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Desk, Painted Furniture, Orange

Ombre is a French word meaning shading, and generally refers to a gradation from light to dark.  It is being touted as 2011’s biggest trend, and it’s still going strong (image: posted by Banana).  Ombre can be seen everywhere from hair highlights to interior design.

ombre hair

I hear when it comes to hair, Ombre is over.  Hair is always the first thing to go, isn’t it guys (image: Beautylish).  Ombre is a refreshing and gentle way to create impact and interest with colour.  And we love colour!

Ombre, Cake, Orange

This Ombre trend has definitely taken the cake (image: Juneberry Lane).  I wonder how come, when cupcakes became all the rage, people weren’t down-sizing their homes like crazy?  Interesting how trends wash over us from every direction.


Interior Designers everywhere, are blogging about clothing?  Ombre inspired interiors gotta come from somewhere (image: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design).

Orange, Ombre, Paint Chips

We’ve collected some great Ombre interior design images, and yes our favourite, painted furniture!  We can’t wait to show you more (image: Canadian Living).  


Do you Like it... or do you Love it?

Friday, April 6, 2012

pink ombre, kitchen, interior design

I do like the vertical gradation of the pink closet doors (image:
House to Home).

orange ombre, interior design

I’m not so fond of this orange horizontal banding of colour (image: Canadian Living).  I think it looks a bit flat when the colours meet on the wall, whereas I find the doors separating the shades of pink interesting and dynamic.

blue ombre, bed, interior design

When it comes to Ombre fabrics I’m picky too.  I love how the ruffles delineate the gradation of colour and the gentle flow from one shade to the next (image: Anthropologie).  I like the Ombre drapes and tablecloths I have seen, but not the pillows.  I think the Ombre effect is best suited to flowing fabrics, to which it adds a whimsical elegance.

pink ombre, dresser, bedroom, interior design

Love, love, love the painted drawers (image: Project

blue ombre, dresser, bedroom, interior design

Any colour, any drawers, we love it (image: JPM Designs
Interiors & Events

If you’re a Do – It – Yourselfer we recommend a painted furniture project.  If you’re really brave, check out Leaf House Décor for instructions on using bleach, or Oh Happy Day for instructions on using dye, to create your own Ombre fabrics.

Considering Tangerine Tango is the 2012 Pantone Colour of The Year.  And Ombre is the hottest trend
from 2011, sneaking into 2012.  We anticipate seeing a lot more peach out there.  We’re coming around to liking peach again (my mother never stopped liking it).  Remember it in the late 80’s, mixed
with mint green?  We won’t be mixing it with mint green, and we won’t be calling it peach either.  It’s apricot this time around.  We think apricot looks great with raspberry, as for the Ombre… bring it on we love it!


Wonderful White

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It was my intension to post green for St. Patrick’s day. 

But, my good friend Deborah from Touch of Elegance Interiors sent me a link to a blog I have not seen before.  All their furniture makeovers are white.  So today I’m posting white.  Just try to imagine a big healthy green plant sitting on each piece of furniture and you’ve got your green.  White is perfect for making colour pop.  I love the energy of bright colour so I use my white to make colours standout.  All these pieces would look great with vibrant coloured lamps, table runners, and accessories.  Oh and I love coloured glass, especially the retro shapely looking stuff you find in second-hand stores and say to your self  “oh just look at this isn’t it so…”.  It doesn’t matter what you fill in the blank with, it’s the history and recognizability of the era from which it dates that is the essence and value.  Colours and shapes often have distinct associations with the timeframe from which they were mass produced.  Think of appliances and plumbing fixtures, we have all seen the rose and yellow coloured toilets with matching sinks, or the avacado stoves and matching fridges.  I love mixing modern and vintage, different eras, and different colour palettes.  Remember the burgundy with forest green, or the mint with peach.  Well what about changing it up and mixing burgundy with peach (of course you would have to call it apricot and raspberry these days).  Recycling goes well beyond furniture and accessories, stlyes and colour palettes can be reused in new ways too.  Accessorizing is a great way to change your interior without much effort or expense.  Since we as humans are constantly evolving, I believe our environments should evolve with us, and accessorizing is the secret.  The pieces I have posted are great examples of furniture with characte,r and would be perfect backdrops for your accessorizing endevors.

refinished furniture, interior design

Love these they remind me of an old dressing table I inherited from my grandma.  You know the kind with the lower piece across the middle, mirror above, and little bench.  Back in the day the place women sat to brush their hair 100 strokes before bed.  Where they set their perfume bottle, and their fancy hairbrush, hand mirror and comb set.  We don’t live like that any more, when was the last time you had a beautiful looking hair brush?  This furniture reflects associations of a different era and is interesting because it has a history and familiarity.

refinished furniture, interior design

This is a great credenza, although I think the round handles on the center doors would look better painted black.

refinished furniture, interior design

I like the hinges being painted white.  Painting the ring knobs black would draw your eye to the beautiful detail in the doors, and give the credenza better balance.

refinished furniture, interior design

I love this piece, I would either fill it with bright objects or wallpaper the back of the hutch in a funky bright geometric pattern.  Whatever I did to the back of the hutch I would also do to the inset panel on the square door.  Knobs in a bright colour that matched the wall paper would add even more fun to this piece.

refinished furniture, green, St. Patrick's Day

Ta Da… tricked you Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  All the images are from Huckleberry Lane Furniture’s blog (except for the St. Patrick Day delight, which I delightfully augmented myself).