Market Collective

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ameya Studio, Market Collective

Loved the last Market Collective on Valentine’s weekend.  Next show set for St. Patrick’s weekend.  Can’t wait to go, my friend Amy will be there from Ameya Studio with her soaps.  Each show they have different local artists selling their wares, making every show a unique must see event.

Market Collective

And there’s live local music too.  I took these photos at the Valentine’s weekend show, these are my favourite artists.

Rebecca King, Market Collective

I thought my photo was cool, until I went to Rebecca King’s website.

Rebecca King, Market Colective

Rebecca King, Market Collective

If you love fashion and supporting local artists, you’ll love Rebecca King, awesome clothes and awesome photography, checkout her website.  Speaking of photography…

Amy Wakefield Photography, Market Collective

Amy Wakefield Photography, Market Collective

Amy Wakefield Photography, Market Collective

I loved Amy Wakefield Photography too.  You have to go to her website to really appreciate her genius and her photography (if I could have copy and pasted her photographs I would have, follow to link to see them).

plant, Market Collective, Market Collective

You gotta love a little Mother Nature thrown in the mix, she’s calling herself Plant these days.  I NEED one of these!, Market Collective

The two I wanted to buy got sold, right out from under me, while I was pushing people out of the way to take pictures.

bad portraits, Market Collective

bad portraits, Market Collective

Love, Love, Love these how fun, Want in on the fun… Here’s

bad portraits, Market Collective

Bad Portraits is so cool, even Macleans thinks so, check out their article on Mandy Stobo. 

Market Collective

Market Collective

But most importantly check out Market Collective this weekend, have a good one : )


Millarville Christmas Market (con't)

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Christmas market is not just for decorations,
there were some great ideas for Christmas gifts too.  Although, Christmas decor items do make great gifts.  Here are a few of my, non-Christmas, favorite finds.

These monkeys have incredible flair compared to the sock monkey I remember having as a child.  I had to wait a few minutes to get this photo.  There was a young boy talking to the monkeys as he rooted through the basket to find just the right one.  The monkey that inspired a heartfelt conversation, and that all to familiar declaration, "Mom this is what I want to spend my money on."  It was so cute I forgot to get the name of the vendor.

These amazing photos and paintings are by artist Ursula A. Krol. Her artwork focuses on wild flowers, mushrooms, birds and the magic of Alberta's nature.

I love the colours in the middle picture of the barns, Ursula gave me a greeting card featuring that image.  If you're interested in her work check out her website In the Wild Photos.

These purses are form Fibers of Life a very socially responsible company with very funky products.  They're always at the Currie Barracks Farmers Market, which will soon be moving to a new location.  Check out the Farmers Market website to find when and where they're moving.

Ok, back to the Christmas goods.  Not that these Canada geese wouldn't look fabulous all year round in the right modern decor interior.  It's just they're currently dressed for the holidays.  In the right setting they make a simplistic and quirky Canadiana art statement.  These birds are not just decoration, they're sculpture, and what I love most is they're truly Canadian.  The birds are made by E C Recycling Tire Mats and can be found at the Crossoads Market. They're featured on the market website as outdoor garden decoration, I completely disagree I think their calling is for sculptural use in a sparsely decorated modern interior.

These glowing gifts add a touch of holiday sparkle to any decor.  You could put them under your tree, or nestle them on your mantle among sprigs of evergreen.  I though this was a creative and unexpected use of common materials.

Creative Ironwork & Design had a vast array of metal decorations.  Everything from Christmas trees sized to display tea lights, to Christmas trees as big as 3' tall, in various metal finishes.

They also had metal decorations for your tree.  Last but not least there was Wilderness Wonders.  They had a collection of very creative and rustic mailboxes.

I think you'll agree all of their crafts were charmingly rustic.

These wooden ornaments would look beautiful hanging on a traditional tree.

They just had so many to pick from, the options were endless.

From the looks of this they have a tiny little santa running their workshop, I can only imagine the size of their elves.  
After a busy weekend shopping at the Millarville Christmas market we set to work (not that it felt like work) organizing all our purchases.  Deborah and I have started installing vignettes for our Inspired Holiday Decor clients, we hope to have pictures of our work up soon.

Millarville Christmas Market

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It may be hotter outside than it's been all summer......
but Christmas is here, you just have to know where to look.  I went to the Millarville Christmas Market with Deborah yesterday to shop for our Inspired Holiday Decor clients.  We were pleased with what we found and we're gonna share it with you.  In hopes you'll be shopping for local handmade products and supporting the artisans.  Today is the last day for the Millarville Christmas Market, you should really make the trip.  We did and this is what we found.

The Red Barn Mercantile had lots of supplies for making your own holiday arrangements.

We found Santas to hang from the tree,

and snowflakes too,

and accessories for displaying candles that smelled so good we wanted to eat them.

Of course there was lots of decorated greenery.

Handmade stockings, hung in the quonset with care, by Sew Noel.

We found a menagerie of mini deer,

and families of cedar deer,

dressed for a season of holiday cheer.

Moving on from the quonset and out to the grandstand we came across The Rustic Hutch.  

As you can see they were happy to see us.

They had santas in boxes,

and buckets of snowmen.

There was the Chicken Coop,

that had beautiful doors,

and the windows were from Memories Forever.

We found mini trees in boxes,

and a selection of things to hang from your tree.

We saw so many things it was hard to keep track, of all the places that we needed to go back.

We headed to the arena to see what was there.  At Prairie Perceptions and found birds in handmade arrangements.

Bows, bells and berries were beautifully displayed.

There were handcrafted ornaments,

and weaths on display.

We also saw these hand crafted quilts by Photo Quilt Creations hanging in their booth.  It was a wonderful time there were lots of great treasures, too many tell in one post.  I look forward to adding more photos from the Christmas Market and sharing with you images of our Inspired Holiday Decor.  This is just a small sample of what we saw at the Millarville Christmas Market, many of the artisans don't have company names, or websites.  If you're interested in what you have seen you must go to the varous craft fairs throughout the holiday season.  The next big craft fair is Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market

Handmade is not just grandmas knitting mittens anymore!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I went to Make It - The Handmade Revolution yesterday.....
Wow I was so impressed and so inspired.  I went in search of home decor items and artisans that that embraced my philosophy, Repurpose . Refurbish . Refinish, I was overwhelmed by the talent.  Lots of clothing, accessories, jewelery, a few home decor items and a fantastic photographer from Calgary.  Not to say there were no mittens to be found, as you can see our artisans have evolved and are turning everything into art.

Ok now for the home decor items I found.  These pillows totally rock.  They're made by Super Craft Star on Vancouver Island.  The pillow inserts are a standard size and she is willing to ship the pillow cases without the insert.  I told her my biggest vintage fabric secret, Mitchell Fabrics in Winnipeg has an Out of Date Annex where you can find killer vintage fabric.

they also have clothing and it's way cool too!

I met glass artist Rebecca Jackson from Calgary here are a couple of her pieces.  Not sure what she calls them, I forgot to ask.  I tagged these images Chevron Plates.

 Shprixie Land Studios did these funky owl pottery pieces, 

and these Christmas tree ornaments, they're from Boswell BC.

I loved the work of this photographer Amy Victoria Wakefield.

She has mounted her photos to wood and put a super high gloss finish on top, very cool.

her work is so artistic.  I've been looking for the perfect local photographer and I think I've found her.

Ok, I did say there was lots of jewelery, accessories, and clothing.  These were my favorites: Sugar Soul they make HATS;

 Clutch Jewels make the most interesting jewelery;

(we had lots of fun chatting with this girl and trying on her stuff)

 Lines Designs handbags with purse onality;

(the young girl at this shop was manning the fort, selling her mom's handmade purses)

and last but not least Cloud + Lolly.

(at this booth it was a mom selling her daughters art)

I read this on the back of their business card and I though it really captured the essence of The Handmade Revolution.

"Once upon a time, there were two VERY different sisters: one with her head in the clouds; the other with her feet planted firmly on the ground.  From this diverse paring, Cloud + Lolly was born.  Together, CHERYL + LAURIE create inspired and innovative handmade wearables.  Totally Canadian. TOTALLY CLOUD + LOLLY"

I had a wonderful time at Make It - The Handmade Revolution.  I hope you all jump on the bandwagon and take a look on Etsy for many more handmade products.
Repurpose . Refurbish . Refinish