Space Clearing Practices

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When should you consider space clearing? 

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Typically, you would choose to clear the energy in your home after a significant event in your life such as a birth, death, sickness, a move, or when you feel the energy needs to be refreshed.  There are countless ways to clear your space, all of which encompass the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The Space Clearing Process is done in 4 steps:
1. Preparation – mental and physical cleansing
2. Purification – the process of clearing the heavy energies in your space
3. Invocation – calling in of new energies
4. Preservation – “setting” the new energy you have called in with the intent to preserve it

Meditate on what you want to achieve, and set your intent.  You may choose to take a salt bath to clear your personal energy field.  Your intent is very powerful, and can create the atmosphere you want of peace, creativity, or love.

A Burning Pot, Smudging, and using a Singing Bowl are simple Purification methods that don’t require many tools.

Burning Pot
This method integrates the elements of Earth (Salt) and Fire.  The ingredients are inexpensive, and can be purchased at any drug store.  This extremely hot fire, burns very clean, and is suitable for consuming the heavy, stagnant energy in a room.

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Space Clearing

• 1 - 2 cups Epsom Salt
• 1 - 2 cups Rubbing Alcohol
• 1 Fire proof pot with handle (Have a potholder handy, and a trivet to place your hot pot on.)

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Space Clearing

Pour epsom salt into your pot, cover the salt with rubbing alcohol.  Place your pot on the floor in the center of the room you are clearing.  Start the alcohol on fire, watching the flames rise as they burn up the energies in the room.  Set your intent, allowing the fire to consume the heavy energies, and recycle them.  Open any doors and windows while the fire is burning, allowing the energy to move around the room and exit.  When the energies have been consumed, the fire will go out.  After the fire goes out, add cold water to loosen the salt and flush the salt down the toilet.  Flush the toilet a few times, setting your intent to send the heavy energies back to mother earth.  Repeat the process in each room of your home,
in which you want to clear.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Space Clearing, Smudging

This method uses the elements of Earth (herbs), Air and Fire to cleanse.  Smudging is the burning of herbs to cleanse your personal energy field, or to purify the energy in a space.  The common herbs used for smudging are sage, sweetgrass, and cedar.  These herbs can be collected in nature, or can be easily obtained at a spiritual book store, or natural grocery store.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Space Clearing

Hold a flame to your smudge stick until it begins to burn.  Blow out the flames and allow the herbs to continue to smoke.  With your free hand, hold a fire proof bowl under the smudge stick catching any debris or sparks.  If you are using loose herbs, burn them in a little pile, in a bowl or shell.  Use a feather to move the smoke from the herbs around the room, paying special attention to corners, under furniture, and areas where energy feels stagnant.  Open any doors and windows to allow the energy to travel through the room and exit.  Move in a counter clockwise direction around the circumference of your room to unwind the energy, setting your intent to clear any unwanted heavy energy.  Finish the room by passing back and forth through the centre, directing the energy out the door or window.

Racher Interior Design, Windhaven Consulting, Singing Bowl, Space Clearing

Singing Bowl
You can use the same (smudging) method to clear a room focusing on the element of Air by creating sound, using a bell, drum, or singing bowl (pictured above) to break up heavy energies.

When you have completed the Purification phase of Space Clearing, stand in the centre of your room and ask spirit for assistance with setting your intent and bringing new energy into the space.  Use a diffuser, humidifier, or a room spritzer to integrate essential oils into your room.  Scented oils, such as lavender and rose oil invoke new, lighter energies.

To set your Purification, and Invocation of new energy, place a quartz crystal in the middle of your room.  Quartz acts as a generator and activator of energy.  You can also place small quartz crystals in plant pots in the four corners of your home to protect your home from heavy energies.  Crystals act as catalysts, and possess the ability to distill, transform and transmit your intention.

When the energy is cleared in your home, you will notice a difference.  Colors will seem brighter, sounds will seem clearer, and the air will be easier to breathe. You will feel lighter and freer.  If you need assistance with Space Clearing, contact Deanna at Wind Haven Consulting, or for interior design suggestions, contact Stacy at Racher Interior Design.

References: Sacred Space by Denise Linn