Petit St Art

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Private Island for private people, must have a high priced interior designer. 

Let’s see what else, they’ve done that we can recreate.

ocean, waterscape

I see the art on the walls, reflects the landscape, or shall I say waterscape.

living room, interior design

No problem, I can do that, I got a bit of cityscape going on here, lots of beautiful orange brick.  (Ok so now you know I don’t really put my wood chairs outside and I use a plastic table cloth)  What can I say, I live in Calgary and we don’t exactly got a Petit St Winter here.

patio, city, Racher Interior Design

I guess I need some sort of art that reflects a cityscape, with a splash of orange thrown in.  Lucky for me Tangerine Tango is hot this year.  I suppose I’ll have to paint the building across the back lane, next year when Pantone picks new in colour.

Racher Interior Design, living room

That was easy, I got the living room covered.  Let’s see what they got going on in the bedroom.

Interior Design, Bedroom

Ohh wow!  They got a tsunami... in the bedroom, that’s hot.

bedroom, Racher Interior Design

Ohh yeah, well look at me...  I got a girl loves to shop, buy outrageous purses, Sex and the City kinda thing going on.  Ooh La La Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow shoppers!