More Photos of The Lake House

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I did mention previously the basement bathroom looks amazing.
Well I can't exactly feature two bathrooms in a row.  So I decided to go straight to the lake.  To give you a bit of context for the interior design and to show you how great the weather really was.  Going to the lake and my sister's wedding kept me busy and tanned all summer.

Ohhhh... yeah... and that lemonade is real!  Not like in the magazines, where they use glue for milk.

Just so you all don't hate me, I have to tell you, these photos were taken at six in the morning.  And just so the homeowner doesn't hate me, the dock featured in this photo was constructed entirely of reused materials found on site.  And in that respect, it's an environmentally friendly dock!

Ok, you can hate me now, the hot tub was every bit as fine as the weather.  Keep posted and I'll show you some more of the inside.