Millarville Christmas Market (con't)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Christmas market is not just for decorations,
there were some great ideas for Christmas gifts too.  Although, Christmas decor items do make great gifts.  Here are a few of my, non-Christmas, favorite finds.

These monkeys have incredible flair compared to the sock monkey I remember having as a child.  I had to wait a few minutes to get this photo.  There was a young boy talking to the monkeys as he rooted through the basket to find just the right one.  The monkey that inspired a heartfelt conversation, and that all to familiar declaration, "Mom this is what I want to spend my money on."  It was so cute I forgot to get the name of the vendor.

These amazing photos and paintings are by artist Ursula A. Krol. Her artwork focuses on wild flowers, mushrooms, birds and the magic of Alberta's nature.

I love the colours in the middle picture of the barns, Ursula gave me a greeting card featuring that image.  If you're interested in her work check out her website In the Wild Photos.

These purses are form Fibers of Life a very socially responsible company with very funky products.  They're always at the Currie Barracks Farmers Market, which will soon be moving to a new location.  Check out the Farmers Market website to find when and where they're moving.

Ok, back to the Christmas goods.  Not that these Canada geese wouldn't look fabulous all year round in the right modern decor interior.  It's just they're currently dressed for the holidays.  In the right setting they make a simplistic and quirky Canadiana art statement.  These birds are not just decoration, they're sculpture, and what I love most is they're truly Canadian.  The birds are made by E C Recycling Tire Mats and can be found at the Crossoads Market. They're featured on the market website as outdoor garden decoration, I completely disagree I think their calling is for sculptural use in a sparsely decorated modern interior.

These glowing gifts add a touch of holiday sparkle to any decor.  You could put them under your tree, or nestle them on your mantle among sprigs of evergreen.  I though this was a creative and unexpected use of common materials.

Creative Ironwork & Design had a vast array of metal decorations.  Everything from Christmas trees sized to display tea lights, to Christmas trees as big as 3' tall, in various metal finishes.

They also had metal decorations for your tree.  Last but not least there was Wilderness Wonders.  They had a collection of very creative and rustic mailboxes.

I think you'll agree all of their crafts were charmingly rustic.

These wooden ornaments would look beautiful hanging on a traditional tree.

They just had so many to pick from, the options were endless.

From the looks of this they have a tiny little santa running their workshop, I can only imagine the size of their elves.  
After a busy weekend shopping at the Millarville Christmas market we set to work (not that it felt like work) organizing all our purchases.  Deborah and I have started installing vignettes for our Inspired Holiday Decor clients, we hope to have pictures of our work up soon.