Millarville Christmas Market

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It may be hotter outside than it's been all summer......
but Christmas is here, you just have to know where to look.  I went to the Millarville Christmas Market with Deborah yesterday to shop for our Inspired Holiday Decor clients.  We were pleased with what we found and we're gonna share it with you.  In hopes you'll be shopping for local handmade products and supporting the artisans.  Today is the last day for the Millarville Christmas Market, you should really make the trip.  We did and this is what we found.

The Red Barn Mercantile had lots of supplies for making your own holiday arrangements.

We found Santas to hang from the tree,

and snowflakes too,

and accessories for displaying candles that smelled so good we wanted to eat them.

Of course there was lots of decorated greenery.

Handmade stockings, hung in the quonset with care, by Sew Noel.

We found a menagerie of mini deer,

and families of cedar deer,

dressed for a season of holiday cheer.

Moving on from the quonset and out to the grandstand we came across The Rustic Hutch.  

As you can see they were happy to see us.

They had santas in boxes,

and buckets of snowmen.

There was the Chicken Coop,

that had beautiful doors,

and the windows were from Memories Forever.

We found mini trees in boxes,

and a selection of things to hang from your tree.

We saw so many things it was hard to keep track, of all the places that we needed to go back.

We headed to the arena to see what was there.  At Prairie Perceptions and found birds in handmade arrangements.

Bows, bells and berries were beautifully displayed.

There were handcrafted ornaments,

and weaths on display.

We also saw these hand crafted quilts by Photo Quilt Creations hanging in their booth.  It was a wonderful time there were lots of great treasures, too many tell in one post.  I look forward to adding more photos from the Christmas Market and sharing with you images of our Inspired Holiday Decor.  This is just a small sample of what we saw at the Millarville Christmas Market, many of the artisans don't have company names, or websites.  If you're interested in what you have seen you must go to the varous craft fairs throughout the holiday season.  The next big craft fair is Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market