It’s Spring Cleaning Time

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning, Closet Organization, Clutter Cleaning, Racher Interior Design

I was a bit surprised the other day when a friend of mine asked me for tips on clutter cleaning.  I know I have posted blogs on it before, but I always feel like I’m just stating the obvious.  I’ve read books on clutter cleaning, and learned new ideas.  Mostly I stick to what I do out of habit, try to multi task, and be as efficient as possible.  I like to organize, rearrange, and I live in a small space.  I think my clutter cleaning skills are a function of how I like to live, and habit.

Spring is the perfect time to go through your winter wardrobe.  Yes your winter wardrobe not your summer, you can do that next.  Tackle the less appealing tasks first.  You remember which winter pants are getting too small, what sweater is a bit itchy, the wear and tear on your favourite over-worn blazer.  Now is time to purge those items, you won’t miss them because you’ll be too excited for spring clothes.  In the fall when it’s time to start wearing fall outfits you’ll create new outfits with what you have or buy new pieces.  Polish your winter boots and shoes, wash your winter coats and scarves.  This process of course makes it easy to purge those shoes that aren’t worth your time to polish. 

Once you have purged and cleaned your winter items, it’s time to organize the closets.  You should have started a box for garbage and one for donation.  Remove everything from your closet in waves, first the upper shelves, then the hangers, then the lower shelves, cleaning as you go. 

Evaluate your space do you need more folded storage, add more shelves.  Do you need more shoe racks?  Move your long items to the back and hang blouses over higher shoe racks.  A great tip: roll up poster board into a tube to make boots stand up straight.  Add hooks to the back of your closet for belts, purses and scarves.  Be creative, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have an organized closet.  Although, if you look at the fancy custom closets out there you might find new storage ideas, ideas you can reinterpret to suit your budget.

Start with your closets, drawers and cupboards.  Purge, clean and organize everything that is out of site first.  Try to create an empty shelf or space in every cupboard or closet.  This way when you start to clean the clutter on your tables, and around the room, you’ll have a convenient place to put it out of site.  It’s easy to suffer from the “out of site out of mind” syndrome, by stuffing everything into the closets, especially if company is coming.  Until you need to find something, when your closets and cupboards are messy, it makes being tidy a chore.  Start from the inside out and tackle your closets first.  It’s way easier to be organized when your closets are under control.  It’s not warm enough yet to wash the windows anyway.