Inspiring Painted Dresser Projects

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I came home after a day of looking for furniture to paint… empty handed. 

 I do have one project for the weekend, but if I’m hauling out the drop cloth I don’t want to stop at one project (I guess I’ll also get the house cleaned and the laundry done).  I went to two different Value Village locations, both places had furniture pieces I loved, but for $250 & $295 no way, not for me.  I saw a dilapidated dresser with broken drawer slides for $100?  I guess it’s back to free Kijiji for me.  You can get the same stuff there, and save yourself a couple hundred sweet ones.  That means more money for new drawer hardware, and that’s an area where I’m more than happy to splurge.

I’ve posted some of the inspiration images, that I found this morning, that got me looking for a dresser to refurbish in the first place.  Follow the links for the how to instructions, and to see more projects.

refinished dresser, interior design

Found this at Gypsy Barn they have lots of great before and afters.


yellow dresser, refinished furniture, interior design

Found this at Mallory Makes Things.

painted dresser, interior design

Found this at VintAGE Before Beauty lots of inspiration there.

refinished dresser, interior design

Found this on Pretty Swell and we think it's pretty swell.  We need to find ourselves a baby so we can make one of these too.