Handmade is not just grandmas knitting mittens anymore!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I went to Make It - The Handmade Revolution yesterday.....
Wow I was so impressed and so inspired.  I went in search of home decor items and artisans that that embraced my philosophy, Repurpose . Refurbish . Refinish, I was overwhelmed by the talent.  Lots of clothing, accessories, jewelery, a few home decor items and a fantastic photographer from Calgary.  Not to say there were no mittens to be found, as you can see our artisans have evolved and are turning everything into art.

Ok now for the home decor items I found.  These pillows totally rock.  They're made by Super Craft Star on Vancouver Island.  The pillow inserts are a standard size and she is willing to ship the pillow cases without the insert.  I told her my biggest vintage fabric secret, Mitchell Fabrics in Winnipeg has an Out of Date Annex where you can find killer vintage fabric.

they also have clothing and it's way cool too!

I met glass artist Rebecca Jackson from Calgary here are a couple of her pieces.  Not sure what she calls them, I forgot to ask.  I tagged these images Chevron Plates.

 Shprixie Land Studios did these funky owl pottery pieces, 

and these Christmas tree ornaments, they're from Boswell BC.

I loved the work of this photographer Amy Victoria Wakefield.

She has mounted her photos to wood and put a super high gloss finish on top, very cool.

her work is so artistic.  I've been looking for the perfect local photographer and I think I've found her.

Ok, I did say there was lots of jewelery, accessories, and clothing.  These were my favorites: Sugar Soul they make HATS;

 Clutch Jewels make the most interesting jewelery;

(we had lots of fun chatting with this girl and trying on her stuff)

 Lines Designs handbags with purse onality;

(the young girl at this shop was manning the fort, selling her mom's handmade purses)

and last but not least Cloud + Lolly.

(at this booth it was a mom selling her daughters art)

I read this on the back of their business card and I though it really captured the essence of The Handmade Revolution.

"Once upon a time, there were two VERY different sisters: one with her head in the clouds; the other with her feet planted firmly on the ground.  From this diverse paring, Cloud + Lolly was born.  Together, CHERYL + LAURIE create inspired and innovative handmade wearables.  Totally Canadian. TOTALLY CLOUD + LOLLY"

I had a wonderful time at Make It - The Handmade Revolution.  I hope you all jump on the bandwagon and take a look on Etsy for many more handmade products.
Repurpose . Refurbish . Refinish