Funky Junk

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am currently working on my container display

for The 2011 Garden Show, hosted by The Calgary Horticultural Society. The show this year is on the weekend of April 9 & 10 at Spruce Meadows, and the theme for the competition is Funky Junk. 

I am not a florist or gardener by any means, but funky junk is something I just can’t pass up.  I have hit the thrift stores and collected various items for my display.  I am busy painting, antiquing, and decoupaging my finds. Although… perhaps I should be focusing on practicing my flower arranging and gardening skills.  I bought flowers at the grocery store yesterday and arranged them in vase.  My arrangement is as naturally beautiful as flowers are, but it is far from the beautiful artistic flower displays I have seen.  

As an interior designer it is my job to create focal points that place emphasis on the beauty of an interior and distract attention from the less desirable elements.  I am using that philosophy with my funky junk container display, focusing on the junk and hoping the flowers can hold their own.  In other words, I will be using a collection of mini containers holding single blooms.  My arrangement will be more about arranging the funky containers than arranging the flowers. 

It is my intension to have fun, be creative and inspire new ways of thinking about junk and floral display. 
I hope to inspire the all amateurs to give floral display a try.  Creating displays and focal points in your home is an enjoyable way to be creative and express yourself.  I always experience more satisfaction arranging my own flowers versus buying a bouquet.  Despite the quality of my flower arranging skills, compared to those I admire in flower shop windows, I always make my own personal bouquet.  Check out my Facebook page for more pictures and comments on my funky junk collection.