Dresser, Dresser against the wall... Who is painted prettiest of them all?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Whether you’re buying a new dresser, or refinishing one you have, here are a couple of ideas to help you make it a fabulous work of art.

dresser, Ikea Rast Side Table

Aubrey and Lindsay’s blog is a wealth of delightful Do It Yourself projects.  Check out their BLOG and learn how to turn this Ikea side table, into a work of art.

Ikea Rast Side Table, dresser, bedroom

If you’re not going to buy a new piece of furniture to refinish, no problem… you can refinish a piece you have at home, to look like you did.

dresser, night table

Check out Vintage Revivals BLOG, and learn how to recreate a painted side table, into a new and fresh work of art.

 night table, bedroom

When you find something you love whether it’s an image of a room or a piece of furniture, you can always recreate the look.  As seen in these two projects, the creation of a wood finished dresser with white drawers and ring hardware is a classic look, which continues to look good through various reincarnations.