Do you Like it... or do you Love it?

Friday, April 6, 2012

pink ombre, kitchen, interior design

I do like the vertical gradation of the pink closet doors (image:
House to Home).

orange ombre, interior design

I’m not so fond of this orange horizontal banding of colour (image: Canadian Living).  I think it looks a bit flat when the colours meet on the wall, whereas I find the doors separating the shades of pink interesting and dynamic.

blue ombre, bed, interior design

When it comes to Ombre fabrics I’m picky too.  I love how the ruffles delineate the gradation of colour and the gentle flow from one shade to the next (image: Anthropologie).  I like the Ombre drapes and tablecloths I have seen, but not the pillows.  I think the Ombre effect is best suited to flowing fabrics, to which it adds a whimsical elegance.

pink ombre, dresser, bedroom, interior design

Love, love, love the painted drawers (image: Project

blue ombre, dresser, bedroom, interior design

Any colour, any drawers, we love it (image: JPM Designs
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If you’re a Do – It – Yourselfer we recommend a painted furniture project.  If you’re really brave, check out Leaf House Décor for instructions on using bleach, or Oh Happy Day for instructions on using dye, to create your own Ombre fabrics.

Considering Tangerine Tango is the 2012 Pantone Colour of The Year.  And Ombre is the hottest trend
from 2011, sneaking into 2012.  We anticipate seeing a lot more peach out there.  We’re coming around to liking peach again (my mother never stopped liking it).  Remember it in the late 80’s, mixed
with mint green?  We won’t be mixing it with mint green, and we won’t be calling it peach either.  It’s apricot this time around.  We think apricot looks great with raspberry, as for the Ombre… bring it on we love it!