Delightful Dresser Duo

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What do you get when you cross an ikea dresser with a second -hand shelf?

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom, Dresser, Refinished Furniture

Yep you guessed it, a fabulous work of art!  We like to think our dresser is painted prettiest of them all.  We started with an Ikea dresser…

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom, Dresser

that had been given, what we would refer to as, half a makeover.  The handles were replaced and the drawer fronts refinished in a funky stamp pattern.

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom, Dresser

We decided to add a second-hand shelf to the mix

Racher Interior Design, Shelf

We painted the shelf off white and attached felt feet to the bottom (it’s actually a wall shelf that we flipped upside down).

Then we painted the dresser box the same off white, and added funky white hardware to the drawers.

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom

We furnished this entire room with second-hand furniture finds.  Can’t wait to show you how we did it!