Up-cycling Fabulous Finds

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Put your wallet away and get out your paint brush; we think buying new is overrated!  

There is nothing a coat of paint can’t improve.  It’s not about having a collection of spectacular pieces; it’s about putting them together in a spectacular way. 

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom

Our second-hand treasures include a metal shelf.

Racher Interior Design, Shelf

Which we sprayed white, removing a few decorative panels in the process.

Racher Interior Design, Shelf

This lovely little $8 vintage delight was not so lovely when we got our hands on it.  But we forgot to take the picture to prove it, so you’ll have to take our word for it.

Racher Interior Design, Night Table

We didn’t stop at second-hand furniture, we collected artwork.

Racher Interior Design, Artwork

Tore it apart, got out the paint, and combined the two into one.

Racher Interior Design, Artwork

The candlesticks got painted too! 

We used stuff from other second-hand collections, leftover from previous projects.  We like to buy what we love and find the perfect place for it later. 

Racher Interior Design, Second-hand finds

Because if we really love it, it will always be perfect, and if it isn’t… we paint it.  

Like these peach lamps.

Racher Interior Design, Lamp

We found new lamp shades at HomeSense, and finials at Lee Valley.

Racher Interior Design, Lamp, Bedroom

If at first you don’t succeed ADD MORE COLOUR.  And paint a bunch of stuff white to make your added colour pop!

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom

To make good look great we improved the bedroom above, with a few small accessory changes.  Added bright pops of colour and painted a few things white. 

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom, Bed

We like an environment with a certain synergy to it, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

(Of course we like to make our own special parts, with the whole in mind; it’s what we interior designers do.)