Creating Your Sanctuary Vision

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Creating a vision for your sanctuary is much like creating a vision board.  Start by assessing your life and your environment to determine what is working for you and what you want to change.  The next step is to set clear intentions for the changes you want to manifest in your life, and create a picture of what they look like.  It is important to determine how you want your home environment to encourage change and comfort you through your transition. 

Creating your vision takes time, you may be surprised at how much thought is required to hone in on a clear picture of what you desire.  Beware of being influenced by media of what’s currently popular, or what others think would look good. Use your creativity and envision what is right for you. Thinking “outside the box” is about resisting the influence of others and listening to your gut feeling of what will work for you.   Your vision should not be exclusively furniture pieces or trendy interior design images.  You need to focus on capturing the feeling you want your space to exude. 

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If you’re having difficulty nature photos are a great place to start.  You can capture the essence of a photo by recreating the colour palette, or you can even incorporate the photo as a piece of artwork in your home.  Designers often use a swatch of fabric to inspire the colour palette for a room.  Think of your vision as a jumping off point from which to begin infusing new elements into your home as you begin to transform your space to radiate your vision.

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If you’re having difficulty grasping the concept of your environment affecting your energy, or even being able to feel energy, start by observing your environment and the people in it.  Often other people’s energy is easier to feel when they’re exuding negative energy.  Rush hour is a good time to observe this strong energy.  Surrounding yourself in nature, going to the mountains is great place to observe how your environment effects how you feel.  It can be more difficult to pick up on the energy in places that you’re familiar with and spend a great deal of time in, such as your home or your place of work.  The next time you’re in your favorite restaurant observe the how the atmosphere and the lighting affect your experience and how you feel, compare different restaurants. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is common example of your environment affecting your mood.  Your interior environment affects your mood in the same way the amount of sunlight you receive or the weather affects how you feel.  Once you begin to understand and feel the energy in your environment, you can begin to make the changes required to alter the energy in your home, focusing on creating an environment that encourages you to feel the feelings you associate with the life you aspire to live.

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As we continue with our blog series we will discuss and make suggestions for how to implement changes in your environment.  It is our intention to broaden your perspective by encouraging you to see, and value, your environment through new eyes.  We hope to inspire you to think differently and to fully experience your environment.  If you’re interested in a private consultation to work on yourself, contact Wind Haven Consulting to book a session.  If you’re interested in a consultation to work on your home environment contact Racher Interior Design to book an appointment.  Our next blog will focus on teaching you how to assess the energy in your space, and educate you on the energy often associated with typical items in your home.