Chakra Cleansing to Kickstart Your Vision

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting

Your body is surrounded by a luminous energy field (LEF), also known as your aura.  Your aura, or life force energy, reflects your current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.  Your chakras are swirling disks of energy contained within your LEF.  Your chakras absorb the energy in your environment and the people around you.  Each chakra is closely related to a specific hormone producing gland in the endocrine system.   All of this working in balance in your body achieves optimal health.

As an example of how your chakras work, if something in your environment scares you, it is filtered through your first chakra.   You get the “fight or flight” response and your body secretes adrenalin, the primitive response for survival.   If you live in a constant state of fear, your adrenal glands become overworked and can develop dis-ease in the physical body.

Your LEF influences your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body with the energy you attract and pickup in your environment.  Your chakras can easily become unbalanced, especially in the western world with the age of technology, where traditions for clearing and maintaining our energy fields have been forgotten.

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting

When your chakras are out of balance you start to have unbalanced thoughts and feelings that can affect all aspects of your life.  Everything that is happening in your life is experienced through your judgments, attitudes and beliefs.  When your chakras become blocked it skews your perceptions and affects your state of being.   You become trapped in your old stories, and paradigms, making it difficult to perceive things clearly. 

Chakra cleansing can shift your perception and kickstart your vision, enabling you to create something new in your life.  Rebalancing your energy system yanks you off your well worn path, and gives you the courage to change unhealthy patterns.   Clearing blocked chakras awakens your inspiration, motivating you to use your unique gifts to their fullest potential.

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting

If you’re interested in further information on chakras we recommend checking out the website    If you’re interested in having your chakras cleansed contact Wind Haven Consulting to set up an appointment with Deanna Strandquist.  If you have an optimistic outlook on life and are interested in creating a vision for your sanctuary, stay tuned our next blog topic will be Creating Your Vision.