Blog Series: Creating a Sanctuary

Friday, October 14, 2011

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting

Deanna Strandquist of Wind Haven Consulting and Stacy Racher of Racher Interior Design have developed a series of blogs focusing on transforming your home into a sanctuary.  The series entitled Creating a Sanctuary covers topics ranging from the spiritual aspect of healing and bringing your life into balance, through to the physical aspect of envisioning and bringing your sanctuary to life.

The series will begin by explaining the purpose of chakra cleansing and the importance of creating your vision from a place of harmony.  Strandquist will discuss the benefits of chakra cleansing and Racher will provide a foundation from which to begin creating the vision of your sanctuary.  You will begin learning how to assess the energy in your space.  Suggestions for cleaning clutter and education on specific methods of space clearing will follow.

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting

Future blogs will delve into implementing your vision and present suggestions for creating a sacred space and developing your home as a metaphor.  The physical effects of colour will be described, and healing through colour explained.  The introduction of nature into your home will explore the elements of earth, air, water and fire, as well as plants, rocks and animals.

The blog series Creating a Sanctuary will round out with suggestions for maintaining balance and updating your vision as you grow and change.  Concluding with a blog on environmental sustainability, which will examine healing yourself and your world, a holistic approach to interior design, and the materials and finishes in your home.

Racher Interior Design and Wind Haven Consulting hope you enjoy and are inspired by their blog series Creating a Sanctuary.