Assessing the Energy in Your Home

Saturday, November 19, 2011

In order to create a new vision, you must first assess what you have currently, really observe and begin to understand the impact your home environment has on you.  As you walk through your home, note how the rooms feel to you.  Take time to sit and contemplate each space and how it makes you feel.  What catches your attention first, what do you enjoy, what do you look past and try to ignore.  Think about how you feel, when you’re in the middle of your daily routine, using the room as it currently functions. 

It is quite common to have entire rooms in your home that you never use, such as a spare bedroom, formal dining or living room. If this is true in your home, ask yourself why. Observe any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings that crop up as you spend time in each room.  Begin to identify what you feel needs to change.  If you are having trouble focusing, and feel agitated or scattered, this could be the influence of the energy in your space.  If you are having difficulty sensing the energy of rooms and belongings start with artwork and photographs.  For example a photograph will often exude energy similar to that of the facial expression captured in the photo.  The event or location featured in artwork or a photo will carry with it similar energy.  The memory associated with a particular picture on the wall, where you bought it, or who gave it to you, will also hold specific energy.

Oftentimes you become so busy and familiar with a space you don’t consciously absorb its full impact.  You may gloss over things, do a quick tidy up and that’s it.  We challenge you to take a close look around at unfinished projects, areas of clutter, items that are broken or dishes you’re saving for company.  How do you feel about your home and the possessions that fill it, what memories are attached to your belongings?  Do they make you smile when you think of where they came from and the times you’ve enjoyed using them?  Nothing is irrelevant or exempt, your belongings either add to or detract from the energy in your home. Once you begin to evaluate your environment on an energetic level, you will appraise your belongings differently.  You will see beyond the monetary value or name brand status associated with your acquired possessions, more accurately reflecting on how they contribute to the energy in your home.

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, old frames, cross stitch

                                              (cross stitch & frame before painting)

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Cross Stitch, art

                                                   (cross stitch & frame up-cycled)

Do you have cherished belongings in the closet, which you’re keeping because of their sentimental value, but they just don’t quite fit anywhere?  We encourage you to bring them out and consider how you can revise or re-purpose them.  In doing so you provide yourself with a visual reminder of the sentiment, while generating a distinctive expression of your creativity and ingenuity.  These unique and cherished conversation pieces are what really bring your home to life and give you joy.

Racher Interior Design, Wind HAven Consulting, Old Picture Frame

                                                            (old frame before)

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Old Picture Frame, Cross Stitch

                         (old frame with old mat & cross stitch from Great Auntie Jean)

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Cross Stitch, Old Painted Frame

           (old frame painted with new mat & cross stitch from Great Auntie Jean complete)

Turn a cross stitch from your Great Auntie into a piece of artwork.  Buy an interesting frame at a second-hand store to give it character.  Cut a mat to suit the sizing, then paint the frame to suit the cross stitch and your décor. 

Racher Interior Design, Wind Haven Consulting, Purse

                            (hang your favorite purse, from a dear friend, on the wall)

Do you have things that need to be washed, repaired, re-furbished or re-purposed?  We are not saying everything needs to be shiny and new, but it should be well maintained and looked after.  In fact we’re fond of things with patina, it shows they’re well worn and loved.  Natural materials have a tendency to age well with wear and develop a beautiful patina.  Anything from a past relationships, where you no longer cherish the relationship, should be gotten rid of.  Items that are broken or damaged beyond repair should be passed on or recycled. 

Along with joint purchases and gifts from past relationships, clutter is a common energy drain.  What kinds of clutter do you have?  Books, junk mail, work papers, receipts, clothes, cd’s, videos, computer paraphernalia.  Where does your clutter collect, closets, cupboards, desks, tables, counters, bookshelves, basements and garages?  It’s common to accumulate so much stuff you don’t even know what you have anymore.  You collect such a surplus of extra things that are useful, but that you don’t need or use, that you become overwhelmed.

It’s not feasible nor is it realistic to throw away or re-cycle everything that has negative associations, bad energy or is considered clutter.  It is however, important to be aware of these energy drains and to contemplate solutions for rectifying the situation and creating positive energy.  Before delving into clutter clearing evaluate the energy associated with your belongings and your clutter.  Are you over sentimental keeping every birthday card, Christmas card and thank you note you ever received?  Or do you have a healthy balance, cherishing all the important people in your life, while reflecting and supporting the essential aspects of who you are and how you want to feel in your home.

In our next blog we will discuss in detail the process of cleaning your clutter, and our following blog will focus on space clearing practices.  Wind Haven Consulting and Racher Interior Design aim to educate and inspire you, guiding you to understand, observe, and rectify any negative energy in your environment, while amplifying the positive influences in your home.  If you have any specific questions with regards to assessing the energy in your space, please post a question or photo, publicly or privately, on one of our facebook pages and we will happily respond.