Decorating on a Dime

The more creative you are...

Inspired Holiday Decorating

We have been busy decorating up a storm, 
and finally it has snowed.  Making the perfect backdrop for our holiday decor.

In this vignette we mixed orange, rust and burgundy with golds and creams, for a beautiful and unexpected mix of colour.

Millarville Christmas Market (con't)

The Christmas market is not just for decorations,
there were some great ideas for Christmas gifts too.  Although, Christmas decor items do make great gifts.  Here are a few of my, non-Christmas, favorite finds.

Millarville Christmas Market

It may be hotter outside than it's been all summer......

Handmade is not just grandmas knitting mittens anymore!

I went to Make It - The Handmade Revolution yesterday.....
Wow I was so impressed and so inspired.  I went in search of home decor items and artisans that that embraced my philosophy, Repurpose . Refurbish . Refinish, I was overwhelmed by the talent.  Lots of clothing, accessories, jewelery, a few home decor items and a fantastic photographer from Calgary.  Not to say there were no mittens to be found, as you can see our artisans have evolved and are turning everything into art.

Inspired Holiday Decor


5 Before & After Cottage Bedrooms

3 bedrooms up, 2 bedrooms down, 5 fabulous looks

Repurposing Furniture

Yes you can paint laminate!

Refinish a Vintage Desk & Chair

I found this stunning pink chair sitting beside a dumpster 
while driving near downtown Calgary.  Step 1 is to get over your fear of dumpster diving.  I personally love when people ask me "do I need a coaster".  My favorite reply is "oh no, I found that table sitting beside the dumpster".  The best time to look is of course around the end of the month, you would be suprised what you might find.  Dumpster diving alone is not enough for me I also frequent the second hand stores looking for treasures.  I bought the desk for $14.99.