Clearing your Clutter

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Clutter is a sneaky culprit when it comes to disorganization and discomfort. It can lurk in any closet, corner or drawer and takes on many different forms.  Everything from clothes, electronics, papers, and collectibles, to household necessities, can clutter your home and your life. 

Assessing the Energy in Your Home

In order to create a new vision, you must first assess what you have currently, really observe and begin to understand the impact your home environment has on you.  As you walk through your home, note how the rooms feel to you.  Take time to sit and contemplate each space and how it makes you feel.  What catches your attention first, what do you enjoy, what do you look past and try to ignore.  Think about how you feel, when you’re in the middle of your daily routine, using the room as it currently functions. 

Chakra Balancing to Access your Creative Energy

Many aspects of clutter cleansing in the spiritual realm and the physical realm are closely related.  In order to clearly assess your life and your environment you need the emotional mindset to see beyond the circumstances you’re striving to evolve beyond.

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” -- Einstein

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Interior Design Dilemma

What can I do with this space? 

We received this photo and question on our facebook page. 

We urge anyone with a similar dilemma to ask themselves two questions:  # 1 - What do we want to store in the space?  #2 - How much do we want to spend?  Our answers include a range of suggestions and various price points.

How to stretch your tile budget

QUESTION: “I love this tile but it’s really expensive, any ideas how I can incorporate it into my tub surround in a cost effective way?”