What is Ombre?

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Ombre is a French word meaning shading, and generally refers to a gradation from light to dark.  It is being touted as 2011’s biggest trend, and it’s still going strong (image: posted by Banana).  Ombre can be seen everywhere from hair highlights to interior design.

Do you Like it... or do you Love it?

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I do like the vertical gradation of the pink closet doors (image:
House to Home).

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Wonderful White

It was my intension to post green for St. Patrick’s day. 

Market Collective

Ameya Studio, Market Collective

Loved the last Market Collective on Valentine’s weekend.  Next show set for St. Patrick’s weekend.  Can’t wait to go, my friend Amy will be there from Ameya Studio with her soaps.  Each show they have different local artists selling their wares, making every show a unique must see event.

Design from a Distance

In the past, we have done a couple of interior design projects from a distance.  We are looking into promoting this service and doing more interior design projects online and over the phone.  If this sounds crazy to you, follow along and we will show you how it’s done.  There are a few limitations with regard to the services we offer in this manner.  We won’t be managing any renovations from a distance, nor in most cases, will be able to recommend reliable local trades.

Spring Ahead

(aka. Get up an hour earlier in the name of spring)

Today I should have stayed in bed spring or not.  I have to admit the sun is shining and it’s a perfect time to take a photo of my weekend project.

Jonathon Adler calls his design aesthetic Happy Chic.  I think I need a name for my aesthetic.  My new project makes me happy and today I could definitely use a little happy.  I have taken an Ikea drawer unit and, in my eyes, made it look a little more Anthropologie-ish. 

The Effects of Colour

Colour influences the energy, of your emotions and your environment. 

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Space Clearing Practices

When should you consider space clearing? 

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