Geometric Do-It-Yourself

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I’m a big fan of stenciling.  I’ve done it on furniture and backsplashes.  Entire walls, in a pattern that needs to line up perfectly, I have not tried.  I spotted this bedroom makeover on Vintage Revivals.

Geometric + Wainscoting = Way Cool

I have never, ever, seen PVC wainscoting before!  And they ship to Canada.

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Dresser, Dresser against the wall... Who is painted prettiest of them all?

Whether you’re buying a new dresser, or refinishing one you have, here are a couple of ideas to help you make it a fabulous work of art.

dresser, Ikea Rast Side Table

Aubrey and Lindsay’s blog is a wealth of delightful Do It Yourself projects.  Check out their BLOG and learn how to turn this Ikea side table, into a work of art.

Delightful Dresser Duo

What do you get when you cross an ikea dresser with a second -hand shelf?

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom, Dresser, Refinished Furniture

Yep you guessed it, a fabulous work of art!  We like to think our dresser is painted prettiest of them all.  We started with an Ikea dresser…

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom, Dresser

Bathroom Etiquette for the Germaphobe

Even if you’re not a germaphobe, you may invite someone to your home that is. 

Racher Interior Design, Bathroom, Germaphobe

I admit, not all germaphobes are alike, we have different phobes.  It is my hope you consider rectifying my personal phobes in your home.   For that reason this is a MUST read for everyone!

Up-cycling Fabulous Finds

Put your wallet away and get out your paint brush; we think buying new is overrated!  

There is nothing a coat of paint can’t improve.  It’s not about having a collection of spectacular pieces; it’s about putting them together in a spectacular way. 

Racher Interior Design, Bedroom

Our second-hand treasures include a metal shelf.

Petit St Project

Racher Interior Design

If you want to enjoy my wooden chairs you’ll have to sit inside.  I ain’t no private person and I’m happy to tell the world, I love other peoples junk!

wooden chairs

Petit St Art

A Private Island for private people, must have a high priced interior designer. 

Let’s see what else, they’ve done that we can recreate.

ocean, waterscape

I see the art on the walls, reflects the landscape, or shall I say waterscape.

living room, interior design

Petit St Vincent

My morning coffee and blogging lead me to Petit St Vincent

island patio, interior design

A Private Island for Private People.  Well I’m a designer, I’ll make my own version, and I won’t have to travel all day to get there.

Racher Interior Design, Patio

Ombre Design Trend

Bedroom Makeover

Yesterday we were all about painted bedroom furniture.  Today we’re still in the bedroom, but we’ve got our eye on something new.  We found this image on Design Sponge, follow the link to see the before and after for this bedroom makeover. 

If you read the comments after the post, they go on and on about the Ombre drapes.  Yep Ombre is the topic of today.