Vintage Finds

We are currently working to update our portfolio in anticipation of a busy spring.  Here are a few sneak peeks of what we are working on.

A series of blog posts showing how to refurbish and incorporate vintage finds into your décor.

Vintage Wallpaper

Busy reading new books, scavenging 2nd-hand stores & working on art projects.

My latest obsession…vintage wallpaper!  I recently purchased my first vintage roll at Value Village.  The colour combination projects such a happy vibe.  I look forward using it for a raft of new projects.

Lamps Lamps Lamps

I’ve been thinking about lighting for a while now, keeping my eye out for table lamps and fixtures to refinish.  Just to keep the flame alive, when I’m not shopping, I spend my time looking for inspiration.  I’ve found a few delightful before and after lamp projects.

refinished lamp re-purposed

Wonderful White or Painted Black?

When refinishing a piece of furniture it's important to consider the interior of the room and the style of the piece.  Certain styles of furniture lend themselves to particular paint colours.  We have attached a couple of pieces that are painted white, which we think would look great, painted black.

refinished furniture, interior design

Cool Credenzas

I love the word credenza, it seems so grown up. 

What exactly is a credenza?  It’s a piece of furniture used for serving, storage, and display of serving dishes and utensils.  A credenza may also be referred to as a sideboard or buffet.  Goodbye china cabinet, hello credenza.  A credenza can be used for liquor serving, storage, and display too.  Goodbye built-in bar, definitely loving the credenza.

Inspiring Painted Dresser Projects

I came home after a day of looking for furniture to paint… empty handed. 

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

painted dresser, interior design

The weekend is coming and I need some painting project inspiration, so I’m surfing the net, again.  I found this beauty and was shocked to follow the link and see the before image.  It’s a perfect example of what not to do.

painted dresser, interior design

Finding Inspiration

We love looking for interior design and furniture refinishing inspiration. 

We find it everywhere.  Even in things we don’t like or love.  If there is a good idea we appreciate it.  I’m posting a couple of images that have given me inspiration, despite the fact they are not my particular taste.  I appreciate these ideas and will reinterpret them in future projects.

refinished furniture before, interior design

Alex: the 9 Drawer Unit

Racher Interior Design, painted furniture

Ta Da my weekend project Alex.  I bought 2 quarts of paint, Benjamin Moore 2048-50 Tropicana Cabana and 2146-10 Dark Celery, 9 label holders from Lee Valley, and new sanding disks for my power sander.

Trend Spotting

What do all my favourite designers have in common? 

Ok yeah, they follow the trends (probably some of them start new trends).  What impresses me most is their ability to take popular trends and reienvent them, creating their own style and expressing their creative genius.

One of the hottest trends right now is geometric patterens.  You will find them in fabrics, rugs, wallpaper, and the following images I have collected from my favourite interior designers.